Meteorite Necklace - Circular Meteorite Pendant

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      The Unrivaled Process of Patrick Adair
      These Meteorite Pendants are made of Muonionalusta Meteorite. This gives them a unique pattern due to the iron crystallizing over millions of years as the meteorite cools in space. Each pendant is placed in a metal casing and then filled with a clear resin protecting the finish and preventing rust, so you can wear it frequently.
      Our Recommendation
      Perfect for those who want to own a piece of space without denting their wallet.
      Additional Details
      • Pendant is offered with a Leather or Sterling Silver Necklace
      • We recommend the 24" option for men and the 18" option for women.
      • The pendant is roughly the size of a penny.
      • The pendant is sealed behind resin which will prevent oxidation.
      • Fit with a small clasp to allow you to change out the necklace for your own.
      • Each pendant will exhibit a unique Widmanstätten pattern from the acid etching of the meteorite.
      Making a Meteorite Ring
      Our Meteorite Pendant is roughly the size of a penny. We offer two different necklace materials as well as two different necklace lengths. If you are unsatisfied with the type of necklace you have, please reach out to us at to exchange your necklace.
      Lifetime Warranty
      We offer a lifetime warranty for this pendant. Our pendants are built to last a lifetime but we understand accidents can happen. If any problems arise with your pendant, please do not hesitate to email us and we are more than happy to assist you.

      All our rings are handmade, made to order in America. We are currently averaging 2-3 weeks of production time for this product. For more information on our timelines, check out our Shipping Information Page.

      How to Care for Your Ring

      Meteorite is an iron based material that is prone to rust. For information on how to care for your meteorite jewelry, check out our detailed blog post here.

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