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      Patrick Adair Designs prides itself on being a leader in creating unique luxury grade glow rings. We have a variety of glow rings and styles with our trademarked glowstone rings. Browse our collection of glowing rings and find the perfect glow in the dark ring for you!

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      Glow Rings: What Are They and How Do They Work?

      Glow rings, also called glowstone rings, are a type of jewelry that produces a soft glowing light in the dark. The light is produced from UV light exposure that its glowstones absorb. The safe UV glow powder we use is known as strontium aluminate. Glow powder, color pigments, and inlay materials are poured into the inlay channels of our glowing wedding bands and sealed as a non-porous surface. Whether you want a red, orange, white, or blue glow, these rings can look great for any occasion.

      Tips for Taking Care of Your Glow Ring

      All of our glowstone rings are durable, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Generally speaking, they don't require extraordinary care. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth when they start to look dull. Rinse your ring thoroughly and dry it with a soft cloth.

      Why You Should Buy a Glow Ring

      1. Glowing rings are visually stunning and make a great fashion statement. Do you like bright, flashy metals? Dark wedding rings like ceramic? Dark wedding bands like carbon fiber? Do you want a ring with an orange glow? Glowing rings work well with all sorts of materials and lighting options.

      2. Glow Rings are available in many styles and designs. Silver, gold, and black wedding rings are all possible. All of our handmade pieces are customizable with an infinite number of customization options.

      3. Glow rings are hypoallergenic and waterproof bands are very affordable as gifts or wedding rings.

      4. Glow rings are comfortable to wear due to their comfort fit designs.

      5. Customizable green glows, black fire opal glows, and other colors are an excellent way to show support for a cause or organization.

      6. Glowstone rings don't require batteries and have a lifespan of over 20 years. A UV LED light can quickly charge your ring. The sun can also charge it, though you'll need to keep it under constant light to charge as brightly as a light source in your pocket.