Obsidian Meteorite Ring
Obsidian Meteorite Ring

    Obsidian Meteorite Ring


      It's time that one of our favorite finishes came to one of our favorite rings. The obsidian meteorite ring shows our classic meteorite ring in a new light. Handcrafted from a solid piece of meteorite, a unique pattern is applied by adding a random assortment of facets, by hand, to create a truly one of a kind ring. 

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      The proof of authenticity lies in the patterns you see in the meteorite and the fact that they can only be made in extraterrestrial samples. It's a process that can't be replicated in labs or anywhere else on Earth. Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on meteorite that explains the phenomenon behind this pattern. 

      Here's an excerpt from the above article that states everything needed to know the origin: "Since nickel-iron crystals grow to lengths of some centimeters only when the solid metal cools down at an exceptionally slow rate (over several million years), the presence of these patterns is the proof of the extraterrestrial origin of the material and can be used to easily determine if a piece of iron comes from a meteorite."

      Disclaimer and Oxidation:

      Because all of our meteorite rings are machined from a solid piece of real meteorite they may ship with small cracks or nicks in them. This is because there are sometimes crystals underneath the surface of the meteorite that dissolve during the etching process. This leads to small aberrations in the meteorite, but these are part of what makes the etching organic. 

      We recommend choosing the carbon fiber liner to help prevent rust, but even the carbon fiber liner isn't 100% effective. These rings are made of iron so they are easily susceptible to rust. We recommend that you avoid water and wax your ring regularly. We are not able to replace rings due to rust because all meteorite rings will rust if not regularly cared for. 



      If your ring doesn’t fit perfectly, contact our customer support, and we will work on a custom solution for you. 


      All Meteorite rings are currently estimated to take 8+ weeks of production time.

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