Meteorite Jewelry


      Patrick Adair Designs has a wide selection of meteorite jewelry ranging from meteorite wedding bands to meteorite engagement rings. We also offer genuine meteorite accessories in the form of meteorite necklaces, dog tags, and bracelets. Check out our Muonionalusta meteorite collection below and contact us for any customization requests.

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      Meteorite Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

      Meteorite has become increasingly popular in the jewelry industry because of the mystique that each piece of meteorite comes with. Meteorite rings make for an easy conversation starter. After all, they are literal rocks from outer space that have survived Earth's atmosphere. There are many types of meteorites used in jewelry from Muonionalusta to Campo Del Cielo to Gibeon Meteorite. Patrick Adair Designs exclusively uses Muonionalusta meteorite for all of its meteorite products due to its rarity and unique Widmanstätten patterns. Meteorite makes for a great wedding band or engagement ring and pairs extremely well with other metals like stainless steel, sterling silver, and rose gold.

      Meteorite Necklaces

      Meteorite is also available as an accessory piece in the form of a necklace or bracelet. We have a growing collection of accessories including meteorite necklaces ranging from circular pendants to dog tags to glowing bar pendants. Each necklace uses meteorite sourced from trusted suppliers and is guaranteed to be authentic meteorite.

      Meteorite Jewelry Care

      There are pros and cons to meteorite engagement rings. Meteorite is composed of mostly iron and will require maintenance and upkeep in order to last a lifetime. Iron meteorites are prone to rust, but do not let that deter you. It is quite easy to clean your meteorite jewelry and keep it looking pristine and new.