How to Use a Ring Sizer

How To Use A Ring Sizer

Among the many intimidating things online ring shopping presents is finding your ring size. How will you know a ring will fit without trying it on? Patrick Adair Designs offers a seamless and free way for you to find your ring size with our official PAD Ring Sizer. Read our helpful guide on how to use a ring sizer.

Sending your ring back for a resizing can be a frustrating experience.Ā Placing an order with the size option "Unsure - Send Ring Sizer First"Ā is the best way to find your ring size accurately without having to send it back for a size exchange. When you place an order with this option, a ring sizer gets shipped directly to your doorstep before we begin making your order. Not only are you able to find your ring sizer in the comfort of your own home, but we will also hold your place in our production line! Once you contact us with the size you need, we will update your order and begin production on your ring.

How To Use A Ring Sizer - Step by Step

Our ring sizer is incredibly intuitive to use. Below are a few simple steps on how to use a ring sizer.

1. Place the sizer on the finger you wish to measure by looping the sizer through the hole and pulling on the end to form a loop.

2. Tighten the loop around your finger until it is snug.

3. Adjust the tightness of the loop until you find a size that is comfortable. There should be some resistance with the sizer when sliding it past your knuckle. If you experience no resistance, then you likely have a size that's too big.

Once you have found the right placement for the sizer, read what the arrow on the line indicates. The line on the right side of a number indicates a full size whereas the line on the left side of a number indicates a half size.

Have any additional questions on how to use a ring sizer? Check out our video tutorial below.

How To Use A Ring Sizer - FAQs

Below are the most common questions that we get related to ring size. We'll go ahead and answer them and debunk any concerns you have to give you the most confidence in ordering the right size.

Yes, but we highly recommend against these alternative methodsĀ as they can be unreliable and inaccurate.

No.Ā it may affect how comfortable a ring feels on your finger, though. Most Patrick Adair Designs rings come standard in 8mm or 6mm width. Learn more about choosing the right wedding band width.

Comfort fit rings are made to be more comfortable to wear.Ā This is achieved by curving the inside of the ring slightly, which in turn makes it easier to take on and off. All Patrick Adair Designs rings come standard with a comfort fit. Learn more about comfort fit wedding rings.

While some suggest to order half a size up if you are ordering a comfort fit ring, Patrick Adair Designs does NOT recommend this. We recommend to order your true sizeĀ for the most accurate and comfortable fitting ring.

Our ring sizer is meant to give you an accurate ring size, however, there are many outlying factors that could cause you to get the incorrect size. Human error, time of day, and temperature are just a few factors. When getting a ring sizer from us, we recommend to try on the sizer a few times a day during different times/climates. In the unfortunate and unlikely scenario that your ring does not fit, please reach out to us to take advantage of our free size exchange and lifetime warranty policies.

If you ordered a ring sizer from us and haven't received it within 10 days of your order being placed, please contact us at and we will issue you a new sizer ASAP!