Red Rings


      Red is the color of action and determination. It is a stimulating, energetic, and emotionally intense color. It is also a color with high visibility that is used to indicate or alert danger. Red is also very symbolic in different cultures, bringing good luck and prosperity. Check out our wide selection of red rings and get your very own handmade glowstone ring or opal statement ring in red.

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      All About Red Rings

      Patrick Adair Designs offers many styles and designs when it comes to red rings. You can customize a glow ring to have red glow powder or even red inlay daytime colors. We also offer a variety of red gemstones and birthstones like ruby, garnet, opal, and red spinel. With our custom glowstone rings, the possibilities are endless. Not interested in a custom glowstone ring? Browse our solid red fire opal rings in a spectrum of colors from Red Fire opal to Crimson Red opal. 

      Red Rings - What Do They Symbolize?

      Red rings symbolize passion and love. It is believed that red rings can nurture love and passion to help build a strong relationship between two people. Popular red gemstones like ruby are said to bring peace and courage to the wearer.

      Red Rings - How To Care

      Red rings are extremely durable and easy to care for. If you purchase a red glowstone ring, take comfort in the fact that your red inlay will be securely housed in a durable and scratch-resistant metal band. Our solid bello opal bands are also quite durable. Red rings are relatively low-maintenance and can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. We do recommend avoiding the use of any harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning any of our glow rings.