Resin Ring Rendezvous

This week our YouTube videos largely focused on company research and development. We have been curious about using resin casting for about a month but have just been waiting for the right time. There are two major outcomes that we hoped to gain from experimenting with resin casting: the first is creating rings that are a little more stereo-typically feminine, and the second is creating rings that our quicker to make. 

The first goal came about after a few close friends asked us if we could sell more "girl" rings. While all of our products are designed to be unisex, it is true that many of them are more easily perceived as masculine. Resin casting was a goal to make rings that look a little less industrial, especially, because it allows for us to get rid of all the metal on the ring in general.

We accomplished this by creating a resin disk from epoxy resin and adding flowers to the resin. There was also a small amount of strontium aluminate (one of our signature materials) added to make the ring glow at night. This allowed us to cut a lightweight and small ring that lacks the large dominant pieces of metal around the inlay. The ring (pictured below) turned out quite well, but there are still a few things that we want to finalize before going forward. The major changes would be adding more and larger pieces of flower. This would allow the ring to look significantly better from far away.

Resin cast flower ring (glowing)

The second video focused on trying to figure out a way to create inlay rings a little quicker. This allows us to create rings that hopefully look just as amazing as any of our other products but are slightly more streamlined, so they can be sold for a lower price making them more accessible to our wonderful fans! These rings turned out to be a great idea, but we need to put just a little more work on getting the inlay amounts for the resin perfect. I hope you like these rings!  

Resin inlay rings (tungsten, black ceramic, and titanium)

Also these blogs are highly experimental and mainly something I do while I wait for the video to upload, so if you guys have any feedback or suggestions on what you want to read about each week just let me know in the comments!


  • Stacy Marshall

    Hi i am interested in this flower glow ring, one for me and 1 for my sister in law…do you sell them?

  • skylar

    i would love to be able to buy this ring

  • Lewis

    We currently buy our ring blanks in bulk which means we can’t really point you to our supplier unless you want to buy hundreds, but we are hoping to start selling them to fans soon!

  • Gary

    I like your video’s very much. I would like to make a ring with inlay. Where can I find blanks to do inlays?

  • LUNA

    where did you get the blanks for the 2nd ring design?

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