Holiday Sale

The biggest sale day of the year--Black Friday--is now over, but fear not because at Patrick Adair Designs we strive to provide lovely deals year round. In the holiday spirit, we want to give all of our loyal customers a gift whether they are shopping for a wedding band, anniversary present, or even just a Christmas present for a loved one. Through Christmas, we are going to be giving customers 25% off with each purchase also getting a free Carbon Fiber Ring. Just use code PADHoliday.

Side Cut Carbon Fiber Rings:

Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

These carbon fiber side cut rings are being given away with each order that uses the code PADHoliday. These rings are made by cutting a cross-section out of luxury-grade woven carbon fiber. The pattern on the side is a cross-section of the woven layers of carbon fiber.

I also want to take this time to remind everyone that all of our rings are handmade in America, and not only that, they are all made to order. This means that your ring could take around 6 weeks to ship. If this is an issue with a time-sensitive event, feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or through email (linked below), but we promise the quality is worth the wait. All three platforms listed below will provide rapid response times for issues and concerns. 

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  • Maarten

    Wow, i just found a video of you making the Obsidian superconducter ring.
    i just wish u had a store somewhere around in the netherlands so i could hold and see these pieces of art.
    what a nice work.

  • liam

    i love how you do rings me personally i love rings i made one with me dad so i really think the way you do it is awesome i only wear one ring but i’m looking to add to the collection

  • Vachan

    I really really want my first ring to be this one

  • alfie

    Love your ideas of all the rings, the Glowstone ones are a brilliant idea. Hope i get the giveaway and keep up the great work you are doing and look forward to seeing more videos of new rings! :)

  • Dylan

    Liked all of your vids and suscribe you and i hope you give it to me pls!!!!

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