A Return to Form

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts recently. Things here at Patrick Adair Designs are quite hectic as the holiday season approaches. For those who are unfamiliar with sales, they drastically increase during the holiday season. In order to prepare for this, there have been a lot of behind the scenes changes going on.These have resulted in me dropping the ball on posting on the blog. 

Throughout the rest of the holiday season, our plan is to release a blog post on every Saturday as well as having more sporadic updates throughout the week. The first of these sporadic updates is going to occur next Tuesday as we start to get people prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Now to address this weeks video. This week's video was a custom ring inspired by the Green Lantern. It combines two of everybody's favorite things: Superheros and Meteorites. This was a very complex ring that took over two full weeks of work to make. One of the things that makes this ring so hard is that it was hand milled. A normal ring like this would be CAD modeled and then CNC milled, but Patrick took the time to hand mill this ring. This allowed him to devote his own personal attention to detail without having to worry about having a third party CAD model the ring for him. This ring is extremely impressive and in my opinion is my favorite ring we've ever made. 


  • Yessica

    I would like to get this for my fiancé And I was wondering how much would the green lantern be to buy

  • Ras Russel Kerketta

    I’m from India
    I’m a big fan of your art work of yours rings
    When I noticed the green lantern ring I couldn’t help my self . I want to know the price of the ring. I want to buy the ring
    Do you do shipping ?

  • David Brigman

    My wife recently purchased a ring for me, but the size is too small ( order #3474). How can I send the ring back to have it resized? Our wedding is on January 11,2019.

  • hina

    hi i have been trying to contact u after placing my order…kindly reply to my email or send me ur ph number so i can call u

  • john

    can you make a size 14 ring of superheros

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