The Nebula Twist Damascus Ring
The Nebula Twist Damascus Ring
The Nebula Twist Damascus Ring

    The Nebula Twist Damascus Ring

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      "When a customer ordered a custom twist Damascus band with a black, purple and blue color scheme, I knew I wanted to design the ring myself. Anytime there's a mix of colors with a black glow powder as the base, I think of the deep space style. The goal of the deep space style is to have the colors show subtly through the black. This created an effect that really reminded me of photographs and renders you see of nebulas. I then realized that diamonds would make a perfect representation of stars, and thus the Nebula Twist Damascus Ring was born."


      Patrick Adair


      The Nebula Twist Damascus Ring is a limited time special edition glowstone ring featuring a nebula themed inlay on a twist damascus band. Each band is acid-etched to show a unique twist pattern. The nebula inlay is created using a mix of black, purple, and blue daytime colors with a green glow. The green glow ensures that the darker daytime colors don't overpower the rings ability to glow at night. The final accent is the diamonds added into the inlay to represent the stars seen in the night sky. 



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