How to Care for Your Glow Ring

Our Glow Rings are some of the most durable rings listed on Patrick Adair Designs. They are extremely suited for every day wear and are waterproof. Each Glowstone ring is housed in a solid metal ring blank with an inlay channel. Every single glowstone metal option offered on the website is hypoallergenic, durable and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Our Tungsten-Carbide and Black Ceramic bands rank very high on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them scratch-resistant. Check out our other Blog Post for more information regarding our Glowstone metal bands to find the right metal band for you.

The inlay channels of our Glow Rings are filled with glow powder, color pigments, and inlay materials. All of this is sealed with a high-grade cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive. The CA adhesive is meant to protect the inlay for a lifetime.

Below are a few tips specific to Glowstone Ring care:

  • Our Glowstone Rings can be cleaned with mild soap and a soft brush/cloth.
  • Avoid any extremely hot temperatures that could potentially corrode the inlay. (please do not nuke your Glow ring in the microwave to get it to glow. Yes, we have had a customer do this before. It won't glow and will ruin your ring. See the best way to get a bright glow from your ring here.)
  • Avoid any harmful acidic chemicals (acetone) that could potentially corrode the inlay.
  • If you notice the metal band of your ring dull over time, you can apply a jewelry polishing wipe to your ring.


  • Lachlan

    Hand sanitizer safe for the star dust ring as I’ve just got my ring and it doesn’t seem to glow in the dark. The only thing I can think of is hand sanitizer because if my work I have to use it constantly

  • Erik

    Hand sanitizer safe for the glow rings?

  • Adairell Roberson

    Hi, so I was reading that all of your glow rings were made with a metal base but your deep space ring states it’s a ceramic material. Is this factual, and if so what materials is this ceramic band comprised of?

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