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    Superconductor Pendant

      The Unrivaled Process of Patrick Adair
      Each superconductor pendant is hand made using medical-grade superconductor. The unique pattern comes from the copper being acid etched away leaving the titanium-niobium superconductor sticking out to create a beautiful pattern.
      Our Recommendation
      Perfect for those who are interested in exotic materials and technology.
      Additional Details
      • Pendant is offered with a Leather or Sterling Silver Necklace
      • We recommend the 24" option for men and the 18" option for women.
      • The pendant is roughly the size of a penny.
      • Fit with a small clasp to allow you to change out the necklace for your own.
      • Superconductor is composed of titanium-niobium and copper.
      • Each Superconductor Pendant will display a unique pattern, making each ring one-of-a-kind.
      Making an Obsidian Superconductor Ring
      Our Superconductor Pendant is roughly the size of a penny. We offer two different necklace materials as well as two different necklace lengths. If you are unsatisfied with the type of necklace you have, please reach out to us at to exchange your necklace.
      Lifetime Warranty
      We offer a lifetime warranty for this pendant. Our pendants are built to last a lifetime but we understand accidents can happen. If any problems arise with your pendant, please do not hesitate to email us and we are more than happy to assist you.
      We have a limited stock of Superconductor Pendants. As of right now, they are currently in stock and will ship within one business day.

      How to Care for Your Ring

      Our Superconductor pendants are extremely easy to take care of. For general tips on how to care for your jewelry, please visit this blog post here.

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