Our Story


Patrick Adair Designs was born in the spring of 2015 when Patrick purchased his first ever slab of Carbon Fiber. Having always had a passion for design, Patrick immediately set out to create something out of carbon fiber using the only tool he had: a Dremel. Using nothing but a Dremel and a large amount of time, Patrick created his first ever pure carbon fiber ring. Patrick quickly created his first Kickstarter that same weekend. The Kickstarter was quickly funded leading Patrick to discover a passion for creating Jewelry.

While Patrick was in college, he realized that he wanted to keep making new and interesting rings, but he didn't have time to create a new design and commit to selling a large number through Kickstarter. Patrick found his solution using Instagram. Every week he would get on Instagram and auction a commission to create a one-of-a-kind ring for a customer. Patrick would then drive home and spend the entire weekend creating a custom ring from new and exciting materials. Along the way, he decided he would start filming all of his rings and documenting the amazing materials and beautiful designs.

In the summer of 2016, Patrick found that he was starting to amass a larger following on Instagram and YouTube. He had begun to fulfill a niche of creating luxury rings using a range of materials that made customers feel truly unique. Every Patrick Adair Designs ring is made from uncommon luxury materials ranging from our trademarked Glowstone to excess Niobium-Titanium Superconductor from research facilities.

Today, Patrick Adair Designs has a following of over half a million fans and proceeds to push the boundaries of luxury jewelry. Whether the material is hand forged Damascus steel from Nevada, fossilized mammoth tooth from Siberia, or meteorite pulled from the Arctic Circle, each ring is handcrafted by a trained artisan and undergoes a rigorous inspection process ensuring every ring is unparalleled.