Obsidian Superconductor Ring 2.0
Obsidian Superconductor Ring 2.0

    Obsidian Superconductor Ring 2.0


      The Obsidian Superconductor Ring is a beautiful new and limited edition of our superconductor ring. These rings power some of our greatest technologies from MRI machines to particle accelerators. These rings are made from rare and expensive materials. The silver colored protrusions from the ring are the actual superconducting material. They are made from an alloy of titanium-niobium. While the orange color is copper, designed to diffuse heat. Superconductor is an incredibly rare and also expensive material. These two properties make it a very good choice as a ring for anyone interested in exotic materials or technology. 


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      About the Superconductor 2.0:

      The silver colored rods in the ring are the actual superconductor. The superconductor I use is an alloy of titanium and niobium. The rods are surrounded by copper, its main purpose is to hold the superconductor rods in place. The Superconductor 2.0 is abundant with titanium-niobium fillaments which makes for a much smoother and comfortable ring. The fillaments are tighter and more uniform, creating less pattern variance between each and every ring. The 2.0 pattern is a higher grade and more durable than its 1.0 counterpart.

      Each ring is totally unique and will display a random pattern of superconductor rods depending on a few factors including ring size, ring profile, the superconductor piece the ring is made from, etc.. The copper in the rings can develop a natural patina over time that can be left as-is or be brushed away with soap and water and/or a simple polishing compound for jewelry. We are unable to accept any returns due to differing patterns from the website photo.

      What separates these rings from our "typical" superconductor rings is the faceting added to the ring. Each Obsidian ring is made by adding a range of varying facets inspired by traditional obsidian arrowheads and swords from Central America. 



      If your ring doesn’t fit perfectly, we will be more than happy to exchange it for the right size.


      All Superconductor rings are currently estimated to take 8+ weeks of production time.

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