How to Care for Your Ring - General Tips

Every Patrick Adair Designs ring is made with high-grade luxury materials. We take every precaution during the production process in order to ensure the most durable ring possible. However, like all rings, our rings aren't indestructible and do require care. Imagine if you neglected your dog 24/7 and expected him/her to be healthy for a lifetime. Our rings, albeit not as precious as a dog, are meant to last for a lifetime and can maintain their pristine conditions as long as they are properly cared for. 

Here are a few general tips for you to care for your ring:

  • Most of our rings can be cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth/brush.
  • Avoid hitting your ring repeatedly against hard surfaces.
  • Avoid any potentially harmful chemicals and anything acidic that can potentially corrode or change the color of the material.


Click on one of the pictures below to visit a Blog Post Ring regarding care for a specific type of ring.

Meteorite Rings

Wood Rings

Carbon Fiber Rings


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