How to Buy a Ring

Choosing the style of ring you're shopping for is the first step to finding the perfect ring. Are you shopping for an occasion or are you treating yourself? A class ring and a wedding ring are typically going to look very different. Both are also different from a fashion statement ring. Having a rough idea of what you want is good before browsing so you don't get too overwhelmed by all of the options.

The Classic Series is a great start for most customers. This series features our rings in a standard shape. They are comfort fit (more on that later) available either beveled or flat in a multitude of materials. These can make for a perfect wedding band or simple fashion statement. 



Our Obsidian series is similar to the classic series in that there is an accompanying obsidian ring for each classic series ring. The obsidian series is named for our signature “obsidian” finish where the ring has facets added to the exterior of the ring giving it a unique pattern. Each pattern is created by hand meaning each ring will be one-of-a-kind.

The Glowstone Series is perfect for people looking for a little extra flair. Each ring in this series has our trademarked glowstone set inside a channel with a band of a variety of materials. Glowstone is a resin that infuses pigment, gemstones, metals, and glow powder together. These rings glows from UV light exposure while also having a unique daytime color. 

Our Nature Series is a special series that features all of our naturally sourced materials such as wood and antler. While these rings may feature other materials in them, they heavily feature materials easily found in nature, making them perfect for the nature enthusiast. 

The Signature Series features rings exclusively found at Patrick Adair Designs. This collection features unique materials such as rose gold, meteorite, carbon fiber, and resin . This is a great place to look if you want something a little more unique or that features a variety of exotic materials. 

The Patrick Adair Designs' Collector Series is our most exclusive series. These rings are made from our rarest materials and feature our most intricate designs. Each ring in the collectors series is something that'll surely be a conversation starter and a stand out piece in any jewelry collection. 


Find Your Ring Size

Once you know what kind of ring you're looking for, the next step (and one of the most crucial steps) is finding your size. Finding your ring size is very simple. We have an entire blog post dedicated to how you can find it for free at home, but if you're looking for a sure fire accurate way, pick up a Patrick Adair Design's ring sizer. 


Each ring sizer comes with a gift card towards your ring purchase (making it FREE). If you're already set on a ring, you can also request a ring sizer directly through any of our ring listings. Our team will send you one and wait for you to send us your size before we make your ring.

If you happen to be off on your sizing once you receive your ring, do not fret because we offer one free re-sizing for all non-custom rings.

Comfort Finishes

When it comes to the fit of your ring we have a couple options. The first is comfort fit versus standard fit. Every Patrick Adair Designs ring has a comfort fit. Comfort fit rings are rounded on the inside making it more ergonomic. This makes the ring easier to slide past the knuckle as well as more comfortable to leave on. Everybody is different, but some people like to order a half size smaller to accommodate for the comfort fit finish. If you are unsure about your size, we highly recommend ordering our official PAD Ring Sizer. We can also supply a standard fit ring upon request. 


Get to Know Our Materials

Black Ceramic is a sleek material that makes for an incredible ring. It has a beautiful deep black color, is impressively hard, and surprisingly light. Ceramic is composed of titanium carbide which is titanium and a fixed number of carbon atoms. The ceramic we use is not only scratch-resistant but also hypoallergenic.

Carbon fiber has been a customer favorite material and has become a staple at Patrick Adair Designs. In fact, the very first ring sold by Patrick Adair Designs is the Pure Carbon Fiber Ring. Carbon fiber consists of multiple strands of the element Carbon. These fibers are incredibly strong making this material our lightest and strongest available. The other amazing thing about Carbon Fiber is that it has an awesome weave pattern, accentuated by its ability to have an extremely high polished and glossy finish.

Cobalt Chrome is a hypoallergenic super alloy comprised of cobalt and chromium. The strength and Biocompatibility makes it an ideal material for dental and orthopedic implants and can be found in jet turbines as well. It has a scratch-resistance similar to Tungsten-Carbide but is much more resistant to cracking from hard impacts. It gives off a beautiful shine similar to white gold or platinum at a more affordable price.

Damascus Steel is a composite metal that has beautiful and unique wood grain patterns. The composite is made by welding different stainless steel plates together, and then twisting them into unique patterns. The steel is then etched with acid, leaving beautiful patterns from the different steels. At Patrick Adair Designs, we sell two versions of Damascus Steel - one with stainless steel plates and one with both stainless steel and carbon steel (Reptilian, Serpent). The pure stainless steel Damascus will not oxidize whereas the carbon/stainless version can oxidize.


Fordite (Detroite or Motor City Agate) is old automotive paint which has hardened enough to be cut and polished. It is formed from buildup of layers of enamel paint slag on tracks and skids from where cars were hand spray-painted. Every Fordite Ring will have a one-of-a-kind pattern. The pattern is entirely dependent on where the ring is cut from the material itself.


Glowstone is our own trademarked resin. The material is designed to be reminiscent of stone. This material combines a variety of colors from calm greys and black to bright blues and pinks with natural gemstones and metals. The material gets its trademark name from the glow that it has at night from UV light exposure.  


Gold is a classic in jewelry. We offer it in 3 colors: white, rose, and yellow. These colors come from the other materials added into the gold. White gold is made of a mixture of pure gold and white metals. Rose gold is made by combining gold, copper, and silver. Yellow Gold is made by combining pure gold with zinc and copper. Pure gold is extremely soft which means its often mixed with other metals to make it harder (as well as more affordable). 


Meteorite is one of the most exotic materials on earth and can be traced back to centuries ago. Widmanstatten patterns are what really sets meteorite apart. These patterns occur as the iron and nickel composite (that makes up meteorite) cool over millions of years. This lets the metal actually crystallize which makes very interesting and unique patterns when acid-etched. If meteorite isn't cared for properly, it can oxidize. 


Mokume Gane is a composite material that is very similar to Damascus Steel. The major differentiator is the metals which go into it. The Mokume Gane we use is composed of Brass, Copper, Silver, and Nickel. This allows the composite to have beautiful hues of brass and green. This material does oxidize.


Resin jewelry is composed of an epoxy that is durable and usually translucent. This resin comes in two parts: resin and a hardener. When these two parts are mixed together, a reaction occurs turning the epoxy solid. Resin jewelry is extremely unique because of the variety of color pigments and materials ranging from shredded cash to diamonds that we incorporate into the resin.


Superconductor is another extremely rare material most commonly used in MRI machines. This is another composite material. Rather than welding plates together this composite is made by impregnating a base metal of copper with titanium niobium rods. This then gives amazing patterns as the rods show through the copper in the ring, which become even more pronounced with acid-etching. 


Timascus is a composite material that is very similar to Damascus Steel. The major differentiator is the metals which go into it. Timascus is a composite of different titanium alloys. This means that it can be heat anodized to give a range of blues, silvers, and amber colors. 


Titanium is a hypoallergenic composite of aluminum, vanadium, and tin, making for an Aircraft Grade metal that is hard in nature. Titanium is particularly attractive because it has a durability similar to Tungsten while also being extremely lightweight. Titanium gives off a brilliant shine once polished and is a very popular material for wedding bands.


TruStone is a form of resin and is a beautiful and unique material made from natural stone ores. These stone ores are crushed, pigmented, and then stabilized in acrylic resin. Similar to Fordite, each TruStone ring we make will have unique patterns and web-like designs, making each ring one-of-a-kind. The stability of the acrylic resin ensures a strong and durable ring.


Tungsten Carbide is made by binding nickel, carbon, and tungsten while heating it at an extremely high temperature. It is a hypoallergenic compound ranking extremely high on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it scratch and crack resistant. Tungsten is a very popular metal choice for jewelry for its affordability but also for having a heftiness similar to gold. When polished, tungsten has an extremely bright silver color. 


We work with a variety of types of wood at Patrick Adair Designs ranging from Ebony wood to 5000 year old Bogwood. Every wood ring will have a unique pattern and shade depending on the source of the wood. All of our wood rings are stabilized to protect the wood from water as well as to increase the overall durability of them. Nevertheless, it is important to keep wood rings away from water. Constant exposure to water can potentially warp the wood and cause cracks.

Almost every Patrick Adair Designs ring has an accompanying YouTube video on How It's Made. You can check out our YouTube Channel but most of these videos are available in the descriptions of our listings.


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Customization Options

One of the most unique parts about Patrick Adair Designs is our ability to create custom rings. When Patrick Adair Designs first started in 2015 all of our business was commission based. Over the years, we have been able to expand our collection and our ability to create custom rings. We currently offer three different options for custom rings:


Not in love with any of our preset Special Edition Glowstone Rings? Order your own unique and Custom Glowstone Ring! We allow you to customize just about anything. We offer 6 different metals as well as Carbon Fiber for the Glowstone base. From there, you can customize not only the glow color of your ring, but also the daytime color of your ring. To compliment these colors, we offer materials that go inside of the ring's center channel known as "inlay materials". Our inlay materials range from metals such as meteorite and copper, to exotic materials such as uncut diamonds, opals, and lapis lazuli. You can even order a meteorite-based glowstone ring with meteorite in the inlay to create a "meteorite-ception", if you will. The possibilities are endless and just over the past year, we have made thousands of unique combinations of custom glowstone rings for our customers.


If our Custom Glowstone Rings don't pique your interest or if there isn't a material listed that you would like to incorporate, you can request a custom ring from our shop. Ordering a custom ring from the shop can be a little more variable, but the process is simple. Generally, we are able to make almost anything you want. This means that if you're asking for something simple like a Superconductor ring with a carbon fiber liner, or a meteorite ring with a titanium liner because you hate Carbon Fiber, then it is going to be immediately accepted and the price will be very similar to the original ring.


This is the most complex way to get a ring made. This process is generally for people who have an extremely complex, intricate, or unique design idea. These rings generally take 2-6 months due to the video process and the backlog, so be advised that the process takes fairly long. 


In the Classic Series the uniqueness of every ring stems from the material itself. Materials such as Timascus, Damascus, and Mokume Gane all have very unique and individual patterns. The obsidian series features unique patterns due to the handmade facets. If you're interested in a truly unique ring, you can also order a custom ring. 

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How To Care For Your Ring


Taking care of your ring is one of the most important aspects of making sure it will last a lifetime. Every Patrick Adair Designs ring is made with high-grade luxury materials. We take every precaution during the production process in order to ensure the most durable ring possible. Still, our rings aren’t indestructible and do require care from time to time. We have a detailed set of Blog Posts on our website dedicated to helping you take care of your ring. Our rings are meant to last for a lifetime and can maintain their pristine conditions if they are properly cared for.