Finding Your Ring Size

One of the most important steps when shopping for a ring is finding your ring size. This is important so that you can make sure you get a ring that fits! Here at Patrick Adair Designs all of our rings are sized in US ring sizes. 

There are three different ways we recommend to find your ring size. 

#1: Use a Ring Sizer to Find Your Ring Size: 

The PAD Ring Sizer is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to find your ring size. These ring sizers correspond to all the official Patrick Adair Design rings meaning this is the most accurate way to find your ring size.

Each ring sizer costs $10 but includes a $10 gift card. Meaning it is free to buy a ring sizer to help you make your first purchase. 

The PAD Ring Sizers are extremely easy to use. You just wrap it around your finger and put the end through the loop. You then sinch it till it is comfortable. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. I also highly recommend you make sure it can be slid on and off your finger comfortably. 


PAD Ring Sizer | How to find your ring size


#2: Visit a local Jeweler: 

We highly recommend visiting a local jewelry store to confirm your ring size. This process is usually free and is the most accurate way to get the correct size!

Jewelers usually offer this free of charge because they want to make sure that their customers know what size to look for. It is always good to visit multiple jewelers to make sure you know your size. 

#3: Find your ring size at home with a string: 

If you're unable to visit a jeweler and don't have $10, it is very simple to find your ring size at home. All you need is a ruler and a piece of string and to follow the 3 simples steps below, and you can find your ring size at home. 

DISCLAIMER: The string method is not the most accurate way to find your ring size. We highly recommend finding your ring size with options #1 or #2 as those tend to be the most accurate/reliable.

Steps to Find Your Ring Size

1. Wrap the string around your finger and mark where it begins to overlap. 

2. Straighten the string out and measure it with a ruler. This is the circumference measurement of your finger. 

3. Compare this with our ring sizing chart!



  • Paparas

    These are the awesomest rings that ever existed! Thank you so much infinity rings

  • Dallin Hansen

    Your ring’s are all really cool but have you considered trying touse damascus steel and have a wood inlay?
    (I Would suggest using Purple Heart or Wenge.) Then coat it in an apoxie resin and sand to 1000 grit, then polish with whatever seems fit. Again just a suggestion of what to do for a YouTube Video. Good luck!!!

  • David

    Just kind of curious have you ever did a two-tone glow ring maybe with meteorite pieces in it on the inside glows red and the outside glows blue just kind of curious if you’ve ever done anything like that approximately how much would it cost I think I wear I think I wear a size 13 or 13 and a half I do not know for sure thank you

  • Da zavage boi

    Love da vids man keep up the awesome work. I make simple rings out of hex nuts and bearings.i hope you see this and keep making good vids like you always do.

  • Cheerier

    Keep up the good craftmanship and I’ll keep sending buyers your way. Free of charge lol.

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