Mens Two Tone Wedding Bands


      A two tone wedding ring combines two different materials of different colors and is the perfect type of ring for those looking for a traditional band with a hint of color. There is a ring for everyone in our collection of two tone mens wedding bands. Choose from our exotic custom glowstone rings or our other inlay rings made from unique materials like meteorite and gold.

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      What is a Two Tone Wedding Band?

      A traditional two tone wedding band combines two different colored metals either in a stripe or a thin accent line. In reality, a two-tone men's wedding band does not need to be made out of metal. As long as the two materials used are different colors/textures, it can be considered a two-tone ring.  It's quite common for a two tone wedding band to be made up of two different types of gold. Any combination of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold will look beautiful together as a gold wedding band. It's also very common to see an alternative metal like tungsten or ceramic paired with a gold inlay.  Two toned rings are available in many styles and designs. Whether you're looking for a wide wedding band or a narrow wedding band, chances are you'll be able to find a two toned ring that's the perfect width for you. 

      All About Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands

      Patrick Adair Designs has a unique and alternative selection of two tone men's wedding bands. While we do offer the traditional styles with two different metal colors, our two tone rings take form through our proprietary Glowstone Rings. Do away with the plain wedding bands and opt for a unique two tone glowstone ring. Each Glowstone Ring is composed of a metal base with an inlay channel filled with strontium aluminate (glow powder) and exotic inlay materials from meteorites to opals. We offer a lot of metals and depending on the metal type you select, you can pair a silver tungsten band with an inlay covering the entire color spectrum. Our glowstone rings are the perfect wedding bands for those looking for complete control over the customization process.If we want to simplify two tone rings to rings with two different colors, then our two tone bands expand beyond our glowstone rings. Our Superconductor and Mokume Gane Rings are both metal alloys with two different colors. A Mokume wedding band consists of nickel, brass, silver, and copper and boasts a unique blend of yellow and orange colors on a woodgrain pattern. Our Solid Gold Ring with Meteorite Inlay combines rose gold with a dark gray meteorite to form a truly stunning gold wedding ring.

      Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands - How To Care

      Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands are made with multiple materials and because of this, can require special care depending on the material types. Our glowstone rings are incredibly durable. Titanium, Ceramic, and tungsten bands are incredibly durable and scratch-resistant and on top of that, each glowstone inlay is sealed with a high grade cyanoacrylate. Our two tone superconductor and mokume gane wedding bands will require a bit extra care and delicate touch as both are prone to oxidation due to the mixed metal content in each ring. Most of the materials that we use can be easily cleaned using a soft bristled brush with mild soap and warm water. If you are unsure of how to care for a specific material, check out our general guide for how to clean your ring.