Strontium Aluminate Rings


      Strontium aluminate is the name of the glow powder used in all of our glow in the dark rings. Strontium aluminate powder is a yellow, non-toxic, and odorless photoluminescent that requires a UV light source or black light exposure in order for it to glow. Explore our vast collection of strontium aluminate rings below to find the perfect glow ring for you.

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      What is Strontium Aluminate?

      Strontium aluminate is an aluminate compound powder with a variety of compositions. By nature, strontium aluminate is a non-toxic, non-flammable, pale yellow powder.  Phosphoresecent materials were first discovered in the early 1700s, and as with many things, have seen vast improvements from then to now. Strontium aluminates are currently the most superior material in terms of longest lasting glow times and commercial availability. It is about 10 times brighter than any of its glowing competitors (like copper-activated zinc sulfide) and even has a lifespan of over 15 years. It's pretty safe to say if you're ordering a glow in the dark luminous ring, it likely uses strontium aluminate powder. Strontium aluminate comes in many different colors. The different compositions and combinations of strontium aluminate is what causes the powder to glow different colors. The brightest color options are green and blue, with green glowing the brightest while blue glows the longest. It also comes variety of glow colors like white, purple, red, orange, and pink. A common question people ask us is - How do the rings glow? Strontium aluminate requires UV exposure either through a UV light, black light, or even direct sunlight, in order to glow. Depending on the glow color, you would need anywhere up to a couple of minutes of charge time to get it to glow in the dark.

      All About Strontium Aluminate Rings

      There are many ways to make a strontium aluminate ring and they can come in many band styles. A popular method of making a strontium aluminate ring is by infusing it with resin to make a solid glowing lume ring. The most common use of strontium aluminate is through a Glowstone Ring, or a glow ring. Our proprietary glowstone rings are metal inlay rings containing strontium aluminate, daytime color pigments, and extraterrestrial inlay materials from meteorites to opals. These inlays are sealed with a high grade cyanoacrylate to make it durable, scratch-resistant, and water-proof. The current material options for your glowstone metal base include tungsten, titanium, ceramic, cobalt chrome, and even damascus steel! You have a lot of style choices when it comes to the design for glow rings. You can choose from our best selling special edition designs or fully customize your own custom glowstone. Each glow ring will come with amazing workmanship, handcrafted by a highly trained artisan in Salt Lake City, Utah. These are extremely fun rings that are perfect for the futuristic nerd. At Patrick Adair Designs, you can expect the highest quality, not only with our glowstone rings, but also our customer service. The variety of glowstone options that we have to offer is second to none, from carbon fiber rings, to titanium rings, to alien-themed glowstone rings.

      Strontium Aluminate Rings - How to Care

      Our glow rings are extremely easy to care for and require very little maintenance. They're durable, scratch-resistant and best of all, water-proof, due to the way they are finished and sealed. We do recommend avoiding any abrasive or harsh chemicals such as acetone, since they can potentially corrode the glowing inlay. To clean them, we recommend using a soft bristled brush with mild soap and warm water to scrub away any dirt and grime. Afterwards, a simple jewelry polishing wipe can be used to bring the inlay and metal band back to a perfect shine.