Meteorite Engagement Rings


      Your significant other deserves something as out-of-this-world as they are (pun intended). What's better than a piece of real meteorite from outer space? Shop our selection of meteorite engagement rings below. Each men's meteorite ring is handmade, made to order with endless customization possibilities.

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      Meteorite Engagement Rings - What is Meteorite?

      Meteorites are asteroids that survive the journey through space and land on Earth's atmosphere. Whenever you see a shooting star, there's a chance that it's a meteorite passing through and impacting down somewhere. Meteorites are essentially "space rocks" composed of all sorts of material, mainly iron and nickel. This otherwordly material forms a unique crystalline pattern from the heat generated by passing through Earth's atmosphere. This unique crystal-like structure is referred to as its Widmanstätten Pattern, with each and every individual meteorite having a unique pattern based on the type of metal or stone in the meteorite. This pattern cannot be replicated with success and is one of the tell-tale signs of an authentic meteorite wedding band. Since meteorite is mostly made of iron and nickel, it has a natural shiny metal finish. In fact, a meteorite slab is almost indistinguishable from a slab of silver or iron. Its crystalline patterns are hidden and need to be acid-etched. Once you acid-etch an individual meteorite, its beautiful patterns are exposed.

      All About Meteorite Engagement Rings

      Meteorite wedding bands and engagement rings are the new trend and for very good reason. Who doesn't want to own an actual space rock with millions of years of history? There are many types of meteorites used in meteorite jewelry. The most common types are Muonionalusta, Gibeon, and Campo Del Cielo. Each of these meteorites were founded in different places and are distinguished based off their different Widmanstätten patterns. Patrick Adair Designs exclusively uses Muonionalusta meteorite for its meteorite bands. Muonionalusta is the most coveted and expensive for wedding bands since its crystalline patterns have more beautiful and geometric patterns. A meteorite wedding band can come in many different shapes and styles. The most common design is a simple, solid meteorite ring with a liner or sleeve to complement it. Genuine meteorite inlay rings are also extremely popular for wedding bands and can be paired with many materials like carbon fiber, white gold, and ceramic. An inlaid meteorite band and partial meteorite inlays provides for a lot of customization options that we personally love. Meteorite and gold is a stunning combination because of the contrast of the two materials. The warm undertones of yellow gold or rose gold pairs perfectly with the natural gunmetal gray of meteorite.

      Meteorite Engagement Rings - How To Care

      Meteorite is susceptible to rust due to its heavy iron content. If you purchase a meteorite wedding band and its advertised to not rust, your jeweler is likely selling you a fake meteorite ring. There's no way around the rust, unfortunately and as a result, meteorite will require the proper care to last a lifetime. Rust can vary from ring to ring depending on the quality of the meteorite slab used for your ring. Some rings will rust often, some rings will barely rust at all. If rust does form on your ring, we have a very simple method to clean your meteorite ring. The key is to always be wearing your ring. We know that sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but trust us. Your meteorite wedding band is more likely to develop rust as it sits on your nightstand or in a case, accumulating dust. If you do have to store your ring for an extended period of time, make sure you store it in an air-tight dustproof container.  We have developed a super top-secret etching technique that not only helps reduce rust, but it also makes our meteorite rings a smidge darker than a standard meteorite ring. We really love the unique look of this darker etch and think it takes gold meteorite rings to the next level.