Slanted Superconductor Slides into Patrick Adair Designs

This week, we are happy to announce our newest product addition to Patrick Adair Designs: Tilted Superconductor. While normal superconductor features stripes of titanium neobium that run parallel to the finger, the tilted superconductor features stripes that are, well, tilted (shown below).

 Tilted superconductor ring as seen on YouTube

Tilted superconductor won't be listed as its own product; rather, it will be an option on our normal superconductor rings that is selected with a checkbox. Now this option will cost more money (but fret not as there is a coupon for them listed below), and the reason is two fold. The first reason is that it takes significantly more time to prepare the blanks. The blanks now must have two perfectly parallel cuts made as opposed to one cut. The blank then needs to be sanded so that it is a perfectl square cylinder. This process is done by hand with a belt sander and is fairly time consuming. The second, and major reason, is that it also requires us to waste a significant amount of material because of the cutting technique used to get the slanted pattern. 

These are some really cool rings that I hope you guys enjoy, and to make up for the added cost we decided to offer a hefty sale for the first two weeks that they are offered. You can use the code SUPER50 to get 50% off superconductor rings for the next two weeks. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks videos and blog, and I'll see you next Saturday, My Dudes!!!



  • Tamara Hemingway

    Do you have a payment plan?

  • Al Rockett

    Are you going to be crafting anymore of these?

  • Lewis

    We are not selling the green lantern ring because there is currently no way we can make them quickly at a low price which means we would have to charge incredibly high prices.

    We curren’t do not have anything for sale under $50, but black friday would be a good time to browse because everything will be 40% off!

  • Afaq khan

    Bro the ring degaussing is very osm

  • Jonah Hoyt

    Do you have an options for sale under $50?

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