How to Care for your Wood Jewelry

by Patrick Adair on January 03, 2020

Our wood jewelry is made from a variety of wood ranging from Cherry Wood to 5000 year old Bogwood. All of our wood rings are stabilized to protect the wood from water as well as to increase the overall durability of them. Nevertheless, it is important to keep wood rings away from water. Constant exposure to water can potentially warp the wood and cause cracks. 

Below are a few tips specific to Wood Ring care:

  • If your ring gets dirty, wash it delicately with a soft cloth and a mild soap. Dry immediately after washing.
  • Always store your ring in an air-tight container to avoid any moisture and dust.
  • Avoid any contact with harmful acidic chemicals that could potentially damage/warp the wood.
  • If your wood ring dulls over time, you can use a small dab of beeswax to polish the ring. 



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