7 Epoxy Resin Jewelry Pieces You Don't Want to Miss

The best jewelry makes a statement while also drawing you in with its natural beauty. If you want a high-quality men's ring that shows off your unique style and is made with hardy earthy materials, resin jewelry is a must!

Resin adds strength to any piece of jewelry, making it the perfect material to pair with a precious stone like opal. It can also have a shimmering effect, so it adds extra flair to statement pieces.  

Let's check out some epoxy resin jewelry that will make the perfect gift for you or the fashion-forward people in your life. 

7 Epoxy Resin Jewelry Pieces You'll Love

These seven opal rings are all infused with a durable epoxy resin that makes them incredibly strong and crack resistant. Not only will they make a colorful statement, but they will last for years and become a shining staple in your jewelry collection.

1. Comet Gray Opal Ring

For the opal enthusiast looking for a colorful option, this ring is a dazzling option. In fact, it shines so much that under different lights it appears to be a variety of different colors, all with a beautifully smooth blue background.  

2. Black Emerald Opal Ring

This ring features a stunning combination of green and blue, showing off the beautiful array of colors. An obsidian finish creates even more angles for light to reflect from, offering an even deeper color experience.   

3. Lavender Opal Ring

A truly unique piece of jewelry for those who love purple, this ring made from lavender opal has a predominantly purple base with blue and green accents. Lavender shines brightly while also offering a soothing effect. Additionally, it is a popular color in the fashion world right now, so this ring will get you noticed for your great taste.

4. Pearl White Opal Ring

For a classic option that you can wear with anything, go for the pearl white opal ring. Shades of teal and orange also sparkle off of the white background of this opal ring, making it a truly unique statement piece. It could also make a beautiful and bold choice for a wedding band. 

5. Dragon Scale Opal Ring

Show off your wild side with this ring that is made to look like actual dragon scales. The green base features accents of swirling blue, orange, yellow, and red, making it a visual masterpiece. This is the perfect ring for anyone who does not shy away from color. 

6. Cherry Blossom Opal Ring

Blush is another trendy color in the fashion world right now, so the cherry blossom ring made from blush opal will stick out this spring. Beautiful teal shades also accent the pink background, making this ring a bright statement that could lift any mood and remind you of the perfect spring day.  

7. Crimson Opal Ring

Get in touch with your fiery side with a bright crimson ring. The predominantly red background shows off orange and yellow accents, making it a standout statement piece that will wow your friends. Red is another hot color for 2021, so this ring is perfect for anyone who is known for their bold choices.  

All About Opal

Opal is the birthstone of October, but it's a great choice to wear year-round, even as a wedding band. Symbolizing confidence, faith, and creativity, this precious jewel can reflect a myriad of bright colors, making it a visual delight to behold.    

Opals come in every single color spectrum on the rainbow, but their ability to diffract light makes each one a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Their uniqueness stems from the fact that opals can look like a completely different color depending on the angle and light that it is being viewed under.

For centuries, opal has been thought to bring good luck to anyone who wears it. Learn how to properly care for your opal ring here.

Give the Gift of Handmade Jewelry

After a year with a lot of darkness, give your loved ones something bright to lift them up. Handmade jewelry is always one-of-a-kind, so it is a unique gift option that your friends and relatives will cherish for years. 

Jewelry crafted by hand is also a more personal gift than something that is mass-produced. The bright colors of these opal rings will help them look towards springtime when colors like bold reds, oranges, yellows, blues, greens, and pinks will be all the rage.

Resin infused men's rings from Patrick Adair Designs also come with an obsidian finish to create more angles and facets for light to reflect from. While these rings are incredibly durable, they are also eligible for a lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are the best epoxy resin jewelry for sale out there, and they make for an unforgettable gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Stunning Jewelry That Lasts

Adding epoxy resin to jewelry makes it incredibly strong and durable, so pairing it with a precious stone like opal gives you the perfect crossover of strength and delicate beauty. 

All Patrick Adair Designs rings are handmade to order in the United States and built to last a lifetime. To find your ring size, request a ring sizer here before you purchase a ring. 

We can't wait to create a unique piece of handmade jewelry for you or a loved one that will be worn and cherished for years. Check out our full epoxy resin jewelry collection and see how they are made on our website.     

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