Why You Should Buy a Handmade Ring

Handmade jewelry is a big part of our identity at Patrick Adair Designs. When we say every ring is handmade in our small shop located in Utah, what does that really mean? Well, when you break it down, the assistance of tools is almost a necessity when it comes to crafting jewelry. "Handmade" does not mean every single component is constructed by the artisan creating the piece. We utilize a variety of tools along the way but the entire process is still very intimate and hands on. Even though we are using a variety of machines and tools to create every ring, these tools are being controlled by hand every step of the way, with every step being given a lot of thought and integrity. Because of this, handmade products tend to be more creative and artistic, as the artisan crafting the product is allocating emotion and time into the piece. The same cannot be said for mass-produced jewelry that requires little to no human oversight.

Still, most people do not understand the intrinsic value of handmade jewelry. There are many reasons why you should consider buying and supporting handmade jewelry as opposed to mass-produced products. Below are seven reasons why you should buy handmade rings.


The materials used in handcrafted jewelry are typically of higher quality. Patrick Adair Designs ethically sources high quality materials from reputable suppliers. This is not always the case for mass-produced products. A lot of the time, bigger companies are not upfront with what their materials and alloys are made of.  We are upfront with what is contained in every single ring and ensure it is of jewelry-grade.

Customization Options

On top of the high quality materials that are offered, we are also able to offer a variety of different materials to make your ring extra personal. If you are looking for your birthstone in your ring like moonstone, amethyst, citrine, or lapis lazuli, then we have you covered. Opal engagement rings are particularly popular and Patrick Adair Designs offers a variety of opals in a broad spectrum of colors and sizes. If you're looking for something more coveted in a wedding ring, you can explore our gold rings ranging from rose gold to yellow gold. Or maybe, silver jewelry is more your style? You can get a 925 sterling silver ring designed however you want. A band ring with some unique etches? We can do that. Maybe you want it faceted in our famous obsidian style? We've got you there too! Is there a material or style on your wishlist that we don't offer on our website? Or do you want to send us some of your own materials to be put inside of a ring? Send us an email! We are extremely flexible and willing to work with all sorts of materials. A company who mass-produces their rings are generally incapable of incorporating different materials.

Quality Craftsmanship

Production on a much smaller scale is almost always of higher quality as compared to larger-scale production. This is because the production process on a smaller scale is easily controlled. An automated machine that requires no human supervision can produce thousands of units a day whereas our individual artisans must allocate all their time and energy into one piece at a time. This does mean our products tend to take slightly longer to make than other competitors, but this can ultimately be seen as a major plus. The attention to detail we are able to put into each and every ring is something that cannot be found in mass-produced jewelry. Your handmade wedding ring from Patrick Adair Designs is far more likely to have fewer imperfections and flaws than something that is mass-produced.

Truly One-Of-A-Kind

I know it sounds cliché, but no two rings we make are going to look exactly the same, making each and every ring truly one-of-a-kind. There is a handmade human element to every ring, resulting in a slight variation in each and every one of them. This makes our products extremely unique and they cannot be fabricated elsewhere. No ring made on entirely by a machine will have the same consideration and attention to detail as a handmade ring. Would you rather have a boring sterling silver ring for an engagement ring? Or would you rather have a handmade gemstone ring that is authentic and genuine? The latter sounds much more appealing, especially for a lifelong wedding band/engagement ring, or maybe you're buying yourself a signet ring? Isn't the whole idea behind a signet ring that it should entirely unique to you? Then why go get one where 10,000 people have the exact same design. Come up with whatever style you want. Do you want a silver band with a blue topaz set in the center? Easy enough. That's why handmade rings are almost always the way to turn the ring of your dreams into the ring on your hand.  


1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

More often than not, handmade jewelry tends to be more affordable. This is not always the case, but generally, there are fewer fixed costs to making jewelry by hand. Instead, the value of a handmade piece is justified by the craftsmanship and time that goes into making each piece. The time taken to produce a beautifully handcrafted ring may take longer, but you will end up with something unique you can treasure for a lifetime. That in itself is well worth the cost of any handmade jewelry item you acquire and is why people tend to value handmade jewelry more. 

Ring Size

Most jewelry companies only offer their rings in specific sizes. They might only have the ring you like available in whole sizes or half-sizes to a certain degree. When you get a hand made ring we're much more likely to get it to fit exactly the way you want. I mean do you want to forgo ring sizes altogether and send us an email saying you need your custom ring to be .769 inches in diameter? Our craftsmen can handle that!

Unique Jewelry Making Process

The jewelry making process for handmade products differs vastly from the jewelry making process for mass-produced products. Typically, mass-produced products require little to no human oversight and require just a simple click of a button to make. The making of artisan jewelry requires a lot more effort and time. Each handmade piece is crafted with thought and integrity and can be seen as a unique collectible piece. We are constantly pushing the envelope by coming up with new arrivals and jewelry designs and are able to do so because of our unique jewelry making process.  This special process is well documented over on our Patrick Adair Designs YouTube Channel.


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