Meteorite Necklace - Circular Meteorite Pendant

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These Meteorite Pendants come from the Muonionalusta Meteorite. This gives them a unique pattern due to the iron crystallizing over millions of years as the meteorite cools in space. Each pendant is placed in a metal casing and then filled with resin protecting the finish, so you can wear it frequently.

The meteorite in this pendant is made from iron. This means that it can oxidize if exposed to water. The pendant is sealed behind resin which will prevent most oxidation, but it is still advised not to get this pendant wet. It is advised to remove the necklace before showering or swimming.

Don't have time to wait for one of our handcrafted rings? Look no further, as of now, these are currently in stock and are expected to be fulfilled in 2-3 business days from ordering.

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