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Alternative Wedding Bands

You've found the person of your dreams and have tricked them into saying "I do". You've committed to spending the rest of your life with someone else, so what's next? One of the next steps is finding the perfect wedding band that will last a lifetime. While this may seem like a menial task, picking the right wedding band for you is crucial. After all, it will be on your ring finger for eternity. There are a countless amount of rings in different styles and materials, so how do you narrow it down? Wedding band styles are constantly evolving through the years. There has been a long-established standard style for a men's wedding band in boring materials. Luckily for you, if you are looking for something less dull, you have happened upon the perfect blog post! Patrick Adair Designs specializes in handmade wedding bands and engagement rings for both men and women that make for great alternatives to the norm. Keep on reading to see 7 exotic and unique takes on wedding bands.


Each Patrick Adair Designs Meteorite Ring is handcrafted out of a solid piece of Muonionalusta Meteorite in an extremely time-consuming process to create a truly unique ring that you would never find at any typical jeweler. Muonionalusta Meteorite is an iron-nickel composite found in Sweden and Finland about one million years BCE. Muonionalusta is the oldest known meteorite dating back to 4.5 billion years ago. Due to the natural properties of meteorite, each ring will be unique with its own individual patterns. The proof of authenticity lies in the Widmanstatten patterns you see in the meteorite and the fact that they can only be made in extraterrestrial samples. It's a process that can't be replicated in labs (without looking extremely fake) or anywhere else on Earth. Meteorite provides for an extremely one-of-a-kind wedding band that will surely be a conversation starter anywhere you go.

Meteorite Ring with Real Gold LinerMeteorite Ring with Real Gold Liner

Obsidian Meteorite RingObsidian Meteorite Ring


Glowstone is our own trademarked resin. The material is designed to be reminiscent of stone and is housed in the inlay of a durable metal base. This material combines a variety of colors from calm greys and black to bright blues and pinks with natural gemstones and alternative metals. The material gets its trademark name from the glow that it has at night from UV light exposure. Our glowstone rings make for great alternative wedding rings and are offered in a variety of styles and metals ranging from tungsten carbide to cobalt chrome. Our Glowstone Series is home to some of our best sellers while also being a great avenue to completely customize a ring with your choice of metals, opals, gemstones, and birthstones. 

Star Dust Ring


Superconductor rings power some of our greatest technologies from MRI machines to particle accelerators. These rings are made from rare and expensive materials. The silver colored protrusions from the ring are the actual superconducting material. They are made from an alloy of titanium-niobium. While the orange color is copper, designed to diffuse heat. Superconductor is an incredibly rare and also expensive material. These two properties make it a very good choice as a ring for anyone interested in exotic materials or technology. 

Obsidian Superconductor Ring 2.0
Etched Tilted Superconductor Ring 2.0


Gold has always been a staple for wedding jewelry due to its warm undertones and beautiful luster. Patrick Adair Designs utilizes gold in a very unique way. Instead of offering a ring made of solid gold,  this precious metal is utilized in conjunction with other exotic materials such as meteorite, superconductor, and carbon fiber, to create something truly unique and out of this world. There are three different gold types available: yellow, white, and rose gold. All three are different alloys of gold mixed with other metals. Yellow gold is pure gold mixed with a tiny bit of copper and silver. White gold is pure gold mixed with palladium and silver. Rose gold is pure gold mixed with just copper.

Carbon Fiber, Rose Gold, and Meteorite Ring

Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane is one of the most beautiful materials we offer at Patrick Adair Designs. These rings are handmade from an intricate composite hand forged in the USA. Our luxury grade Mokume Gane is an extraordinary composite of nickel silver, brass, and copper. This gives it a beautiful wood grain pattern that shows a wide variety of colors ranging from beautiful and luxurious golds to bright and brilliant copper hues. 

Mokume Gane Ring
Obsidian Mokume Gane Ring


Timascus is made from a titanium Damascus alternative. These rings are a beautiful range of colors in a wood grain pattern. With swirling shades of blues accenting an amber ring, these rings are beautiful, durable, and lightweight. The other benefit of Timascus as an alternative to Damascus is that it does not oxidize. The unique Timascus pattern is created by heat anodization. No two rings will have the same patterns, making each and every ring truly one-of-a-kind.

Timascus Ring
Obsidian Timascus Ring

Damascus Steel

Each Damascus band is singular due to the manufacturing process where different steels are twisted together before being acid etched. This creates a distinct pattern for each and every ring. Patrick Adair Designs offers two different types of Damascus Steel: one with stainless and carbon steel plates and one with just stainless steel plates. Both are unique and durable options for a wedding band. The former has a gunmetal gray finish to it and is of higher grade whereas the latter will not rust.

Reptilian Damascus Steel Ring
Twisted Damascus Glowstone Ring

Finding Your Perfect Alternative Wedding Ring

Now that you've read up on a variety of unique wedding bands offered on our website, if you have any questions or concerns about finding the perfect alternative wedding ring that fits your lifestyle and personality, then do not hesitate to contact us to get started with an order. If any of these designs aren't quite perfect for you, we offer a variety of customization options which you can learn more about by clicking here.