Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands


      A men's tungsten wedding band is a popular choice from our vast selection of materials because of its durability. Tungsten-Carbide is one of the hardest materials on Earth and is harder than almost anything besides a diamond.

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      Affordable Tungsten Wedding Bands: What is tungsten carbide?

      A tungsten carbide ring is a popular choice from our vast selection of wedding bands because of its durability. It's one of the hardest materials on Earth and is harder than almost anything besides a diamond. People often mistake it for a white metal or silver ring. Tungsten is a gunmetal grey compound made up of equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms. Tungsten is often in physical trades and tools due to its high scratch resistance.

      Benefits of a Tungsten Wedding Band

      A tungsten wedding ring is becoming a popular choice for the following reasons:

      1. Tungsten is a very dense metal and is very strong. With proper care, this beautiful material can last a lifetime. This makes them great for rough work or outdoor activities.

      2. Tungsten bands are extremely scratch resistant due to the natural hardness of tungsten carbide. This means these handmade pieces don't need extraordinary care or high maintenance.

      3. Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic hypoallergenic. This means it won’t cause skin irritation in people with precious metal allergies.

      4. Tungsten wedding bands are a very affordable option compared to alternative metals. Tungsten is a cheaper metal that can last longer than other metals.

      5. Tungsten wedding rings are beautiful, sleek, and polished. Its shine holds up much better than alternative materials.

      How To Choose your Tungsten Wedding Band

      1. Decide on the style of ring you prefer from our amazing selection of tungsten engagement rings.

      2. Consider the width of the engagement band. A thinner band is best suited for women wedding bands. But men can easily pick a thinner band if they decide to use a tungsten engagement ring as a stackable ring.

      3. Make sure the ring is comfortable. You'll be wearing it everyday wear, so make sure you look out for key words like comfort finish or comfort fit rings. It's best to also make sure you know your ring size. Getting a comfortable ring size is important with any tungsten ring.

      4. Pick colors and inlays that resonate with your personal preferences. Choose from a range of colors or combine exotic materials to make a one-of-a-kind tungsten wedding ring.