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      The goal of the Glowstone Drop is to cycle new designs. This lets us show you guys new special edition designs (which we can sell for cheaper since they aren't customizable) without having an absurd number of special edition rings. Each drop will last for 30 days and feature a handful of limited edition rings. The most popular special edition rings are still available year-round, and if a ring from a drop is popular enough, it might be moved to the standard selection. You'll also see some of the classic rings in the Drops from time to time. 

      Our first drop features three different special edition rings. The first is an old classic: The Siberian Mammoth Tungsten ring. This ring was first released almost 18 months ago and features real fossilized mammoth tooth and white glowstone with tungsten band. The second ring is the Nebula Twist Damascus Ring. This is our first-ever twist Damascus special edition ring. Featuring a space-themed glowstone coloring of black, blue, and purple, the final cherry on top is the diamonds in the inlay that is there to represent the stars. The third ring is the Kaiju Black Ceramic Ring. This ring features one of our most unique inlays: black emerald opal. The black emerald opal is the key along with black glow powder to create a glowstone inlay that is highly representative of a monster's scales.
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