Blue Rings


      Blue represents both the sky and sea, and is associated with open space, freedom, intuition, creativity, imagination, and inspiration. The color blue has a very calming effect on the body and can help with self-expression and balance. Blue is a fantastic primary color that works great for timeless jewelry pieces. Check out our wide selection of handmade blue rings through our unique Glowstone Series.

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      All About Blue Rings

      Patrick Adair Designs offers an eclectic amount of styles and designs for a blue ring. Plenty of our Special Edition Glowstone rings glow a bright blue in the dark. You can even customize your own glow ring to have blue colors and exotic inlay materials ranging from blue sapphire, to lapis lazuli, to blue opal. Our Halo Ring is a big statement piece that glows blue and incorporates blue opals among other materials. 

      Blue Rings - What Do They Symbolize

      Blue symbolizes the color of royalty. It brings piece to the mind and is said to be an anxiety ring - reducing stress and anxiety. A blue sapphire ring is very popular for an engagement ring or promise ring since it is said to bring luck and harmony for relationships. Consider a birthstone ring with a deep blue gem to reap its healing and spiritual benefits.

      Blue Rings - How To Care

      The blue rings offered by Patrick Adair Designs are made primarily of alternative, durable metals. Each glowstone ring is housed in a scratch-resistant metal band with its blue inlay sealed behind a protectant resin coating. Blue rings are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. We recommend avoiding any abrasive and harsh chemicals when cleaning a blue ring. Overall, our blue rings are great for those who live in active lifestyle or in general are a bit hard with their rings.