Black and Gold Wedding Rings


      Black and gold is an elegant combination. The contrast between the two shades of colors creates a very rich balance. Black wedding bands are simple and sleek, but when combined with gold wedding bands, you get a truly luxurious combination. Explore our wide collection of men's black and gold wedding rings for something handmade and unique.

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      All About Black and Gold Wedding Rings

      Black rings are available in many different shapes and materials. Alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium, and ceramic are all offered in a black metal color. If you're looking for a more exotic metal, out meteorite rings are a stellar option. These black wedding rings can be paired with rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold sleeve. Carbon Fiber is also an extremely popular wedding ring option due to its durability and sleek black color. Our Heretic Trustone is a combination of black with gold veins to form a beautiful black and gold mens wedding ring. This material is available with a matching black carbon fiber or yellow gold sleeve and has become one of our most popular material choices.

      Black and Gold Wedding Rings - What Do They Symbolize?

      Both black and gold are very symbolic in similar ways. They both symbolize mystery, elegance, and sophistication. Black is a very muted color by itself while gold is the opposite in that it is a very strong, powerful color. Because of this, when gold is paired with black in small amounts, it results in a grand and modern look. A lot of combinations, styles, and designs are possible with a black and gold wedding ring. 

      Black and Gold Wedding Rings - How To Care

      Black and Gold wedding rings are mostly made of very durable materials. Gold is hypoallergenic and every black material we work with is also hypoallergenic, meaning that your black and gold engagement ring will not rust or oxidize over time. Out of all the materials, we do recommend against black tungsten wedding bands since they are plated. You can clean and gold and black wedding band by scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush and a combination of mild soap and warm water.