Tungsten vs. Titanium: Which One is Better?

Both tungsten carbide and titanium have quickly become two of the most popular metals used in the jewelry industry. Nowadays it's almost impossible to find a jeweler who doesn't offer an assortment of tungsten and titanium rings. Both are relatively cheap alternative metals and make for durable long-lasting wedding bands. Although they look similar to each other, the two metals possess unique qualities. Keep on reading for a comparison between the two as well as some of our favorite Patrick Adair Designs wedding rings in tungsten and titanium. After reading this blog post, you should be well educated on which one suits your lifestyle and personality the best!



Tungsten Carbide is made by binding tungsten and a fixed number of carbon atoms while heating it at an extremely high temperature. 

Titanium is a composite of aluminum, vanadium, and tin, making for an Aircraft Grade metal that is hard in nature. Both titanium and tungsten are hypoallergenic alloys, resistant to tarnishing.  


Both tungsten and titanium rings come standard in a beautiful gunmetal gray color. They can both be seen in black variants, however, those options are not offered at Patrick Adair Designs. When polished, tungsten and titanium have an extremely bright silver color. 


Tungsten is one of the hardest metals known to man, ranking extremely high on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Its hardness makes it scratch resistant and an overall durable metal. Tungsten rings will not bend but can crack if enough force is applied to it.  Its scratch resistance is second to none (the only other metal that can really scratch tungsten is diamond) and makes for a particularly attractive metal option.

Titanium also ranks high on the Mohs scale and is harder and more durable than precious metals like gold, but it's still substantially softer than tungsten. Titanium is far less scratch-resistant but will not crack however, and is far less brittle than tungsten carbide rings.


Tungsten is a very hefty and dense metal. The weight of tungsten makes it a desired option for those who like having that weighty feel on their finger. 

Titanium rings are extremely lightweight (while still being durable) and makes it a desired option for those who do not like the feel of jewelry on their finger. 


Both titanium and tungsten carbide are very affordable compared to precious metals. Patrick Adair Designs' tungsten and titanium rings are comparable in price and are some of the cheapest rings offered.


Due to its hardness, tungsten is not machine-able on a lathe and has limited applications in terms of ring making. Patrick Adair Designs currently only offers tungsten rings in the form of our popular trademarked Glowstone Rings.

Titanium is machine-able on a lathe and as a result, is incorporated in a variety of ways. We offer titanium along with tungsten in our Glowstone Series, and also offer it in the form of a ring liner and shell. We also offer titanium as an alloy in our exotic Superconductor Rings and Timascus Rings.

Debunking Myths

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to both tungsten and titanium so let's debunk some of them here.

Myth #1: Tungsten and titanium cannot be engraved.

Although they are both relatively hard metals, they can still be engraved. Patrick Adair Designs utilizes a high-powered laser engraver and can easily give both tungsten and titanium rings a laser engraving.

Myth #2: Tungsten and titanium rings cannot be resized.

Tungsten rings are not resize-able due to its hardness, but our titanium rings are. You can read more about our resizing process here.

Myth #3: Tungsten and titanium jewelry can cause discoloration of the skin.

High quality tungsten carbide and titanium will not cause any discomfort or discoloration for the wearer. All tungsten and titanium rings offered at Patrick Adair Designs will not oxidize or tarnish, and are of extremely high quality and comfort fit.

Myth #4: Bend But Don't Break

Many people think due to the hardness of tungsten, that it is not removable in the case of an emergency and that the only way to remove a tungsten ring is by cutting your finger off. This is 100% false as hospitals are well equipped with technology to remove your ring safely. Tungsten's brittleness means that it can crack if impacted with enough force.

Finding the Perfect Tungsten or Titanium Ring for You

Now that you have read up on the properties of tungsten and titanium, have a look at some of our favorite Patrick Adair Designs tungsten and titanium wedding bands.

Tungsten Glowstone Ring

Custom Tungsten Glowstone Ring

Matching Star Dust Wedding Ring Set in Tungsten

The Frostbite Ring
Sunken Artifact Glowstone Ring
Angel Dust Ring
Titanium Glowstone Ring





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