How to Resize Your Patrick Adair Designs Ring

Over the years, shopping online for jewelry has become more and more common. Shopping online for a wedding band or engagement ring can be a daunting task, especially if you are unsure of your or your special someone's ring size.  There are both pros and cons to online shopping. The biggest benefit to shopping online is the convenience. You can browse a multitude of different shops and styles all while staying in the convenience of your home. However, there are some drawbacks to shopping online. Spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a wedding ring and it not fitting properly is a major problem! As a strictly online jewelry company, Patrick Adair Designs has built in a re-sizing policy for every single ring. Most rings on our website are eligible for a free resizing! We understand the difficulties of online shopping so our main goal is to ensure every customer ends up with a ring that fits perfectly. 


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Ring Resizing?

The cost of a ring resizing depends on the type of ring you ordered. Patrick Adair Designs offers two types of rings: non-custom rings (Special Edition) and custom rings. Every non-custom Patrick Adair Designs ring is eligible for one FREE resizing as per our Warranty PolicyNow you may be asking, what constitutes a non-custom ring? A non-custom ring is any ring that already has a predetermined style and look to it (The only exception to this is that any ring containing precious metals like a yellow gold ring or a silver ring, are ineligible for a free resizing). For example, our popular Star Dust Ring is considered a non-custom ring and is eligible for a free resizing since it comes with a preset look and materials. If you are ever confused on whether or not a ring is eligible for a free resizing, you can scroll down at the end of every listing to see more information on whether or not the ring is eligible. The other question you're dying to know is, why is it free? (Or maybe you're not wondering this at all and love free things. I know I do). Since Patrick Adair Designs strictly sells its rings online, we understand that not every ring fits the same and for every person. All of our rings are offered in a comfort fit style in half sizes. Some people do find they prefer to go down half a ring size in order to accommodate for the comfort fit band. 

Star Dust Ring

Star Dust Ring

One of the most unique parts about Patrick Adair Designs is our ability to create custom rings. When Patrick Adair Designs first started in 2015, all of our business was commission based (no two rings were ever alike). We are extremely flexible and offer a variety of options for custom rings which you can read more about here

Now what does the resizing process look like for custom rings? If you happen to order the wrong size on a custom ring, do not fret! Although we are unable to offer a free resizing for any custom ring, we are able to offer a few economical options based on the material your ring is made from as well as whether or not you are needing a smaller or larger size. Read on to learn more about the options available!

How Does a Jeweler Resize a Ring?

The resizing process  of a ring varies from jeweler to jeweler. There are two different process for sizing up and sizing down. When sizing up, jewelers  will perform a process known as soldering in which two or more items are joined together by melting and putting a filler material into the joint. This is done by cutting the ring and adding a bridge and then soldering its ends. When resizing a ring down, jewelers will usually cut a strip off from the ring's shank and then solder the ends together. 

At Patrick Adair Designs, the process is more simplified. First, if your ring is made of an extremely hard material like Tungsten or Ceramic, it is not re-sizable. These metals are too hard to machine, so instead of resizing your ring, we remake it from scratch. If your tungsten or ceramic ring is a non-custom ring, this remake is still offered for free!

If your ring is made of a softer material, we have the ability to machine your ring for you to increase your ring's size up to a full size larger. When sizing up, we will gently sand the inside of your ring to increase the size. This process is offered for free. Sizing down gets a bit trickier, however. In some cases, we can offer to insert a liner inside the ring to decrease the size. This process will cost a flat fee depending on the liner material. If a liner insert is not an option, then we would have to remake your ring from scratch. For custom rings, the price of remaking your ring in a smaller size will be associated with the material and labor costs of making a new ring.

Does resizing a ring damage it?

In short, resizing a ring will not damage it. We are generally only able to resize rings up to a full US size larger or smaller without compromising the integrity of the ring. Resizing a ring too much from the original size can potentially damage the ring. At Patrick Adair Designs, we take every precaution during the resizing process and will not resize any ring we feel may be damaged by the resizing process. If your ring's size needs to be significantly altered, we would remake your ring instead.

When to Resize Your Ring

Before choosing to resize your ring, the first thing you should do is pinpoint why your ring isn't fitting perfectly. If you feel your ring is unexpectedly loose or tight, it may be due to a temporary factor such as weather or weight loss. In cold temperatures, your finger size can shrink and vice versa during warmer weather. If you find yourself to be particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, then resizing your ring may not be the best option.

An alternative way to reduce the size of your ring without actually altering the composition of your ring is to purchase sizing beads. Sizing beads are small and metal balls that are inserted inside of your ring. They are generally pretty comfortable to wear as well. Sizing beads are a cost effective way to reduce your ring's size and are particularly ideal for decreasing the size of your ring by a half size.

Finding your Perfect Fitting Ring

Don't let concerns about purchasing the wrong size ring sway you from making an online purchase. Patrick Adair Designs offers a free ring sizing kit form of our Free PAD Ring Sizer. Our sizer corresponds with all of our rings and is a 100% accurate way to measure your size. If your ring does not end up fitting how you want it to, we offer a multitude of options for resizing your ring!

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