Finding Your Ring Size

Finding Your Ring Size

One of the most important steps when shopping for a ring is finding your ring size. This is important so that you can make sure you get a ring that fits! Here at Patrick Adair Designs all of our rings are sized in US ring sizes. 

We highly recommend visiting a local jewelry store to confirm your ring size. This process is usually free and is the most accurate way to get the correct size!

If you're unable to visit a jeweler, it is very simple to find your ring size at home. All you need is a ruler and a piece of string and to follow the 3 simples steps below, and you can find your ring size at home. 

Steps to Find Your Ring Size

1. Wrap the string around your finger and mark where it begins to overlap. 

2. Straighten the string out and measure it with a ruler. This is the circumference measurement of your finger. 

3. Compare this with our ring sizing chart!



  • David

    Just kind of curious have you ever did a two-tone glow ring maybe with meteorite pieces in it on the inside glows red and the outside glows blue just kind of curious if you’ve ever done anything like that approximately how much would it cost I think I wear I think I wear a size 13 or 13 and a half I do not know for sure thank you

  • Da zavage boi

    Love da vids man keep up the awesome work. I make simple rings out of hex nuts and bearings.i hope you see this and keep making good vids like you always do.

  • Landon Hutzell

    I have a girlfriend and she isn’t very happy with me because I’m an introvert and I close myself off from the people I care about most and I wanna get her a promise ring to insure her I’m not leaving anytime soon and I still and will always care about her even if we don’t last but I don’t have enough money so I was wondering if you could help me out you are really great at making rings and I don’t trust ring stores because the always over price them and I want you to make me and my girlfriend a ring and if you don’t want to I respect that and I won’t antagonize you and bother you but I would love it if you would and I would do anything for her so get back to me as quick as you can please and thank you and by the way I love your youtube channel I’ve been watching it nonstop all day so congrats on your youtube channel and don’t stop making great ring videos and regular videos you’re amazing have a great day hope you get to see this bye!

  • Testing

  • Tanner

    Can you make a bigger ring than a size 15 I’m a size 17 ring

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