Finding Your Ring Size

Finding Your Ring Size

One of the most important steps when shopping for a ring is finding your ring size. This is important so that you can make sure you get a ring that fits! Here at Patrick Adair Designs all of our rings are sized in US ring sizes. 

We highly recommend visiting a local jewelry store to get fitted for a size. This process is usually free and is the most accurate way to get the correct size!

Don't worry if you are unable to visit your local jeweler, as finding your ring is a very simple process that can be done with minimal resources. All you need is a ruler and a piece of string (or paper works in a pinch)!

1. Wrap the string around your finger and mark where it begins to overlap. 

2. Straighten the string out and measure it with a ruler. This is the circumference measurement of your finger. 

3. Compare this with our ring sizing chart!



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    You truly are a master at your art. I’ve never been so interested in watching something come to life like your rings. Thank you for sharing what you do with us.

  • BarryCalia

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  • David Autry

    Wow, I just watched a few videos and it is truly amazing watching the process. I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life, I love the glowstone blue meteorite. Unfortunately I am currently unemployed and struggling to say the least but as soon as I can I will be placing an order. Looking forward to more videos. Awesome work, have a great day.

  • ian

    thank you for wanting to get others involved it really feels nice that you are trying to help people who maybe don’t have the tools. I know that I enjoy every one of your videos.
    Thank you

  • TJ

    i’m a big guy and i have big hands and i am interested in buying a ring from u. but my ring size is 3.5 inch on my right hand. what would that be in size. That is if it can be done never seen one so big

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