Everything to Know About Stackable Wedding Rings

If you're about to join the approximately 2.13 million American couples currently living in holy matrimony, congratulations. A lifetime of happiness and laughter with the person that means the most to you is hard-won, and it's a thing to be celebrated for many years to come.

Wedding rings are a symbol of this love that you can carry on your person for the rest of your life. Read on to take a look at one of the coolest options available to you- stackable wedding rings- and examine why they're awesome, how to wear them, and what styles will look best on you and your new spouse


What Are Stackable Wedding Rings?

In a lot of cultures, stacked wedding rings are the only way to go. For example, in nations like Scandanavia, women often wear three rings on their ring finger. One is the engagement ring, another is the wedding ring, and the third for when she learns that she's going to be a mother.

The concept of stacked wedding rings has been blowing up in the US in recent years. Engagement rings are usually beautiful and more detailed than wedding bands are, so people like to wear them all throughout their marriage. They're extremely fashionable, and many people like the symbolism of sealing their wedding between two bands.

Usually, in an attempt to make the rings symmetrical, a third ring will be added underneath the wedding ring on an anniversary. Layering is big in the fashion world and rings benefit from layers, too. Plus, stacked rings just give you (and your marriage) a little extra shine and luster.

How to Wear These Accessories

Wearing stackable wedding rings is nowhere near as hard as it sounds. In fact, the most challenging part of the whole process is finding your ring size, which is doubly hard if you're trying to surprise your partner with a new ring. Luckily, you can use this tool to measure your finger (or your loved one's) and get accurate sizing information.

Once you have your stackable rings, wearing them is easy. Simply place one ring on top of the other in the desired configuration. The best part is you can switch up the configuration whenever you want! You probably will want to wear your thin engagement ring on top, a slightly thicker wedding band in the center, and your anniversary/motherhood ring on the bottom. Chronology is key!

If you have gemstones on all of your rings, make sure to stagger them. Having them in a single vertical row will look strange and gaudy. It also can cause damage to the rings because they'll grate and bang against each other when you walk or move your hands. 

If you're not in to stacking rings and don't like the feel/weight of jewelry on your hands, you can wear just one stackable ring on your finger! But don't dismiss wearing multiple rings completely. It can look even better if you have rings that complement each other!

Color and Style

Even traditionalists agree that you can wear pretty much any wedding jewelry with other pieces. There's nothing wrong with mixing and matching metals, stones, colors, and sizes.

However, you still are going to want to use common sense when matching your jewelry. Make sure that you use warm-colored stones with gold and cool-colored ones with silver. You also don't want to place gemstones in clashing colors together or you'll wind up with a really strange-looking set of stacked rings.

Wedding rings are really subtle and will likely be worn on a daily basis. Because of this, you can pair them with literally any outfit in your wardrobe. Still, if you wear a lot of cool colors, blue or green stones might be in order. The opposite applies to those who dress in warmer hues regularly.

Neutral hues are perfect for all outfits, so you may want to consider black, brown, and gray rings. If you're considering gemstones, diamonds are always your best friend. Moissanite is a great inexpensive alternative, but if we're honest, stacked wedding rings don't really even need to incorporate gems at all.

The Best Stacked Wedding Ring Styles

Choosing the best stacked wedding ring styles for yourself and your new spouse can be a challenge. Luckily, it's a lot of fun, and there are a wide variety of options available to you!

Patrick Adair Designs offers a variety of different stackable rings. One of them is the Stackable Spirograph Damascus Ring. This gorgeous design is primarily black and was made by forging stainless and carbon steel together into a rod before bending. Its awesome snakelike pattern is perfect for both men and women, so consider getting a His & Hers set!

If you want something elegant and sophisticated for the woman in your life, Our Rose Gold Rope Stackable Ring may be the right choice. The gorgeous pink hues will bring out the warmth in her skin tone and look amazing with every outfit. Plus, paired with other neutral-hued rings, it will add some shining beauty to any woman's overall aesthetic.

We also offer stackable rings in the most exotic material options available. Meteorite is perfect for those who like smooth, sleek styles. Mokume Gane and Timascus are amazing for those who prefer multicolored complexity.

Make sure that you consider your partner's personal tastes before making a decision!

What Are You Waiting For?

While there are tons of ways that you can show your new spouse how much you loved them, choosing an awesome wedding ring is one of the biggest precursors to a wonderful life together.

Now that you know why stackable wedding rings are a great choice and how you can wear them, it's time to start shopping. Contact us for more information on ring sizes and styles. We're also happy to give you more custom ring ideas that both you and your partner are sure to love, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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