All About Men’s Malachite Rings

Malachite jewelry is 100% safe to wear on skin or clothing. A malachite engagement ring around your finger isn't going to cause issues. The only time you have to worry about malachite is if it's raw and freshly collected. The jewelry production process makes it safe to wear, especially since jewelers need to take certain precautions. Raw malachite gemstones naturally have toxic properties when wet or broken down, so people who polish or work with them need protective gear. A malachite ring is completely safe to wear by the time a jeweler sells it.
The problem with normal malachite is that it's not seen as something for daily wear. It's a gorgeous green gem that is more high maintenance than other materials. When people wear a malachite ring or a bracelet, they're worn in places with high exposure to damage. It's a minor gemstone with a softness that's weaker than other gems around. Genuine malachite gemstones have a Mohs hardness scale between 3.5 and 4, which is much lower than popular metals such as tungsten and titanium.
Malachite jewelry is among the easiest of our rings to maintain. We use the same ring care tips as the others in our shop - simple is always best.
Not interested in rings? It's totally okay if wearing rings isn't your thing! Luckily, malachite jewelry extends to necklaces as well. Our Malachite Trustone and Gold Leaf Pendant is our best selling necklace. It's an eye catching piece of jewelry with all the benefits of a normal gemstone malachite ring.

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