How to Order a Custom Ring

How to Order a Custom Ring?

One of the most unique parts about Patrick Adair Designs is our ability to create custom rings. When Patrick Adair Designs first started in 2015 all of our business was commission based (no two rings were ever alike). 

We currently offer three different options for custom rings. You can get a custom glowstone ring (this process is very simple and pricing is streamlined). You can have a ring customized by one of our artisans in the shop (this process is a little more complex and varies on price a little more). The third option is you can apply for a ring to be made by Patrick himself in a YouTube video (this process is very complex and fairly expensive). 

1. Custom Glowstone Rings

Ordering a custom Glowstone ring is the easiest kind of completely custom ring to order. There is a collection on the site (these rings are also listed in the Glowstone Series) where you can select the band you want to start with. After the band, there are selections for options on the size that cover most general options. If you don't see what your looking for, don't worry. You can get it taken care of by reaching out to our support team ( with the subject line: Glowstone Custom Ring Request

Go to the Custom Glowstone Collection

2. Order a Custom Ring from the Shop

Ordering a custom ring from the shop can be a little more variable, but the process is simple. Generally, we can make almost anything you want. This means that if you're asking for something simple like a Superconductor ring with a carbon fiber liner, or a meteorite ring with a titanium liner because you hate Carbon Fiber then its going to be immediately accepted and the price will be very similar to the original ring. 

This is also the same process for if you've got an idea for a ring, but we don't have anything quite like it currently listed then feel free to reach out and get a quote from us.

Go to detailed information on custom rings from our shop. 

The process is very simple. Fill out the form in the link above or send an email to with the subject line: Custom Ring Request and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to. It may take a few days to receive the actual quote (we will keep you updated throughout the process) because we have to price materials and get a time estimate from our shop. Our support team will guide you through the process.

Please Note: The more specific you can be with your request will help us get back to you faster and make sure you end up with a ring that you love. Please include any and all pictures you have or are inspired by for the process.


3. Have Your Ring Featured in a YouTube Video

This is the most complex way to get a ring made. This process is generally for people who have an extremely complex, intricate, or unique design idea. These rings generally take 2-6 months due to the video process and the backlog, so be advised that the process takes fairly long.

Each one of these projects is hand selected by our video production team and starts at $1,000. If you're interested you can fill out the form below (or email and we will get back to you with a quote.

Have Your Ring Featured in a YouTube Video