What is Timascus?

by Lewis Fausett on November 17, 2017

The video this week is one of my favorites yet my dudes! This week, in collaboration with the Waterjet channel, we made a ring out of Timascus. Timascus is a product sold by Alpha Knife Supply that is designed to be a titanium version of Damascus Steel. The manufacturing process for Timascus is a well-kept secret, but a simple explanation is that different titanium alloys are fused together using a secret process (personally I believe the process is similar to the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball Z). The process allows patterns of different titanium alloys to be formed in the titanium composite. The composite can then be heat anodized (heated) and the different alloys will anodize at different rates and create different and interesting color patterns.


The first part of the video was filmed with the Waterjet channel and will be released sometime next week, so I don't want to spoil any of that wonderful feature. The making of the ring was actually fairly standard. The major difference on this ring was the fact that the ring needed to be heat anodized after making. While it was anodized at multiple points through the crafting process, the ring had to be anodized at the end because the machining process would remove any of the anodization. This turned out to be a really beautiful and unique ring that we are extremely proud of, and I think the videos that were made for it are some of our best. I hope you enjoyed it!


We've decided to sell the rings that can be made out of the remaining material. Be sure to check out the Timascus ring. We only have 5 in stock right now, so buy fast!


Be sure to follow Patrick Adair Designs on Instagram to be able to take advantage of our black Friday sales, and be on the watch out for the waterjet channel's video! 

by Tim on May 08, 2019

So I was watching your timascus and superconductor video and was thinking have you ever tried putting 2 pieces of Timascus together so the patterns go in opposite directions?

by Gregory on April 02, 2019

Can you make a Xbox ring. I think that would look very cool especially if the X glows. Thanks

by Robert Barnes on December 04, 2018

There was a video i watched where you made a ring where it had tritium gas little rods to glow hows come you put glue when you could if used resin acrylic in the center of the ring after the rods are all in this would have protected the rods and you could of recived more of a rounder look to the ring. Maybe you could use food coloring to change the color as well to make it glow a different color. Let me know what you think and if you do this as well as how much does this ring cost or at least the tritium rods cost? robertwb1984@gmail.com is my email so hit me up there or look me up on facebook and tell me why you are messaging me or adding me.

by Patrick on October 09, 2018

Another spot to get the ring mandrels at. https://ringsupplies.com/products/mandrel?variant=12677040668756

by Corey caudill on July 04, 2018

Hey I’d like to make suggestion to make a video of a crushed blue opal glow ring.I think it would be really cool looking.

by Patrick McLaughlin on May 27, 2018

Hello Patrick. Due to an accident I haven’t been turning for a long time. What Lathe do you like to use for your projects?

by Patrick bowers on May 06, 2018

I would really love a blue glow ring with tungsten carbide

by Eden Haythorpe on April 14, 2018

i really want to try and make a superconductor ring, but i cant find a rod of superconductor except for on https://www.coppercloudsc.com/store
do you remember which one you got? or which one would be good for making a ring?

by Jacob loveland on March 31, 2018

I’m a Blacksmith by trade and love all things metal. I would love to get into this hobby as well. What metal lathe would you recommend for a beginner? Is it ok to buy a cheap $300 mini one off amazon? Or do you recommend saving up and spending a bit more on a bigger one? If you know of a great one to buy, please include a link if that’s not too much to ask. THANKS!!!

by Mark on March 14, 2018

Patrick, I ordered your ring mandrel set early last month and was wondering when they will be shipped? I haven’t received any response to emails I sent please respond to this.

by Eric on January 29, 2018

Hi Patrick,
Where can i bay the inside ring clamp. I can find it
Thanks Eric

by Jalal on January 25, 2018

Just wow

by Michael Furberry on January 06, 2018

Beautiful I need to win this ring please.

by Marco ter voert on December 02, 2017

Awsome!! Added this site to my favorites. Im ordering this ring at a point!

by Sean Patric Adair on November 19, 2017

Great name / Great works of Art /


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