Two for one Tuesday (except its Saturday)

This week was a great week for Patrick Adair Designs. We hit two huge milestones this week. The first was we hit 50,000 subscribers, and the second is that we got our first million view video! If you haven't seen the video, here is a link. In honor of this, you can use the discount code twoforonetuesday to get 33 percent off of any order. That's right 33 percent off of any ring we offer! Also because great things come in twos we released two videos this week.

The first video was an amazing damascus steel ring with alexandrite inlays. The damascus steel was cut from a solid rod and machined into a ring where we then milled three settings for gemstones. Three alexandrite gemstones were placed in the settings to make this gorgeous ring:

The second ring we made was very similar to our typical glowstone ring; however, we decided to try and make the band out of solid meteorite. This was a challenge because it meant we had to hand machine a band, but Patrick came through wonderfully. He started with a normal meteorite blank and made it how he would normally make a meteorite ring (as can be seen in many places on our YouTube channel). The two major differences were a machined channel down the middle for the glowstone inlay, and the bevels on this ring were much more dramatic than the typical meteorite ring. This ring turned out beautifully and despite all my begging and pleading will be shipped to the customer rather than kept by me.

I hope you guys enjoyed the content this week, and as always I will see you next Saturday my dudes!


  • Jacob

    I really want to buy this for a close friend but 1, its not on sale ? and 2, I live in england so I cant really buy any of them! Please let me know if there is a way I can get it even though I’m in a different timezone

  • Jaiprashanth

    Hey I am a new subscriber and I love ur vids I watched once ur video last year and I forgot to subscribe to you but now I am a subscriber of yours ….and keep the video s going on good…ad how much does the meoroid

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