Shop Tour and New Hire

This week we decided to do a tour of our new shop because we have been asked about it on multiple ocassions. A shop tour was also perfect because it allowed Patrick and Britton an extra day to focus on shipping orders. The tour is just a nice behind the scenes rundown of our office which is also where Patrick lives. Its shows our shop which features a mill and two lathes. We also show the office space which is where Andrew and I spend most of our work day. 

On that note, Patrick Adair Designs is pleased to announce the hire of our new COO (director of operations). Lewis Fausett (which many of you may realize is myself) was hired as the new COO this Wednesday. I have mainly been doing contract work editing videos and managing the website, so this is a major transition. The main goal was to have someone in charge of overseeing the scaling as we grow. My job is to manage and keep track of all of our orders and make sure that they get shipped out in a timely manner. While we are behind, I am confident that over the next few weeks we will catch up and reduce the turn around time of orders. I look forward to seeing you guys more!


  • Chris Miller

    I was wondering where you got your lathes and What type of lathe you would suggest getting as well as where to get it. Thanks

  • Jason Braden


  • J

    I need some work

  • GordonGordon Roberts

    What brand and model of lathe or lathes and milling machine does Patrick use? I make rings out of coins, and am looking forward to maybe branching out a little and buy some of Patrick’s products to offer to some of my clients along with the coins. I have watched many YouTube videos but Patrick’s style is what I like best. Congratulations to you Patrick and all who work for you… Blessings

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