Patrick Adair Designs Etsy Flash Sale!

Greetings! Make your way on over to the Patrick Adair Designs Etsy page for a huge flash sale under the "Discount Ring" section!

Here at Patrick Adair Designs, we have a large surplus of rings. This surplus comes from rings made for photography, videography, and even a few research and development projects. As these rings have piled up over the past year, we decided that the best thing to do would be to give back to our loving community. 

Unlike our other rings, these rings have already been handmade by one of our skilled artisans and each ring already has a specific size, width, and/or finish. As a result of this, they will be sold at a discount ranging anywhere from 30-50% off! 

Since these rings have already been handmade, they will be ready to ship out in 2-3 business days. As soon as you make your order, we will begin to do one final pass of polishing your ring. The ring will then ship. Due to the fact that these rings are already pre-made and being sold for a large discount, we will be unable to process any refunds, returns, repairs, and/or resizings for these rings. 

We plan on listing discounted rings often, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and check Etsy frequently for updates!




  • Kobus

    I want to bay one of your rings

  • ravi shankar kumar


  • Ben

    Mate I’m not much of a ring guy but mate you make me want one of your ring your art behind them and imagination is awesome..
    Some I came across your YouTube and I have stopped watching them..keep up the good work and when i do come needing a ring I will keep you in mind

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