Meteorite Rings and Meteorite Necklaces

Meteorite Pendant with Leather Cord Necklace
One of my favorite materials to make jewelry out of is meteorite. I think meteorite is the perfect material to create luxury jewelry because it is a truly rare and unique material. Each piece of meteorite jewelry, from Patrick Adair Designs, is one of a kind because the pattern on them is created by the iron and nickel in the meteorite crystallizing as they cool over millions of years. 
The one-of-a-kind nature of our meteorite ring makes it a truly unique mens ring.
Since every ring is unique they make an amazing mens wedding band. I mean who doesn't want a ring that is not only from space, but also has no exact match? That's why I always have thought that meteorite wedding bands are the best choice for a mens wedding ring. 
One thing, I've always wanted to do was create meteorite stone jewelry that would be more accessible than meteorite rings. Meteorite rings are expensive to make and this means that they have to be sold for huge prices. I recently was able to find an amazing solution with meteorite necklaces. These are easier to make (since each one doesn't have to be made as a unique size), so I'm able to sell them for a cheaper price. I really love these, and I actually wear one every day. 

I don't have an infinite amount of meteorite thin enough to make pendants out of, so these are only available for a limited time. During the initial launch period, I have two options available:

1. You can get just the Meteorite Necklace for $120 

2. You can get a bundle of a Meteorite Ring and Necklace for $1,000

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    Ebay has that exact pendant for $20. Same clasp and thickness.. lol

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