Making the Oreo Superloom Ring

I was joined by Tyler while making this ring and it was a special ring that we had been working together on.  So the oreo design had already been out, and we had already been making this but as competitive ring makers we are constantly trying to improve and get better ourselves and so we try to work together on helping each other instead of fighting each other and so one of the things that we have developed is a way to make the ring glow brighter. We used a new loom that we created called super loom and it glows a little bit brighter and a little bit longer than all the other glow looms that are out there and by working with each other we were able to do that and we introduced it again but as a better version of what it was before. 

The design for the ring had a really unique look to it and I had never made a ring like it before and it's really unique to Tyler under the design that he's done. We decided to make a triple layered ring so it had a very interesting look. We started off with a carbon fiber liner on the inside and then we cut out that super loom glow resin to put over it on the outside and then on top of that we put carbon fiber and so essentially there was carbon fiber on the top, carbon fiber on the inside, and then on the edges of the ring there is this super super bright luminescent halo that circles your finger and it's a really interesting look.

To create this ring we first started out by just cutting out all the required components for this ring. We needed three different pieces of material so two of them were carbon fiber so we cut a big piece of carbon fiber out which was for the outer shell and then a smaller piece for the inner shell and then we switched over to the super loom resin. Tyler did a lot of different things to get the resin to hold a lot of glow powder which in turn made the glow super bright and actually made it glow longer as well. 

We made sure to machine all three of the pieces down because all three of the pieces needed to fit inside of each other concentrically and so they just needed to have really tight tolerances and so when we were machining them down we needed to be very careful taking really light passes. We would only take off about a quarter of a millimeter at a time until we got to the point where we were really close to getting the right fitment. Once we had everything built to the correct dimensions we used a two-part epoxy to give the two pieces a permanent connection.

After a couple of hours to allow the epoxy to fully cure, it was time to trim the ring down and sand it to its final dimension. When it came to the finishing process it was important to know how we finished the carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is pretty tricky to work with because of the way that it’s built and the structure of it is really easy to chip or get really deep grooves. So, we cut it with a high-speed and really sharp lathe cutters and it was important to make sure they were brand-new and that we kept if fairly cool.

 If you're working with carbon fiber make sure you do a lot of sanding to it so instead of cutting it down to your final dimensions I would recommend cutting it to a certain point but then using sandpaper to really hone it in.

So we started with a really rough grit of sandpaper and it was a lot more gentle on the carbon fiber structure itself and so we just sanded it down until it gave us some nice comfortable rounded edges


We then just worked through all the different grits of sandpaper until we got a really nice smooth finish and then we hit it with some polishes and that gave it a really nice glossy finish. 

It’s a really durable ring that holds up against all sorts of wear and tear. We didn’t put any coating or clear coat on the ring so it won’t get scratched or anything, it’s just a pure raw carbon fiber ring and it looked really nice it had a wavy weave pattern on the outside. 

Once we got the outside of the ring done we started working on the inside of the ring. We basically repeated the exact same steps as before but we trimmed it down, sanded it up, polished it and made it look really nice and we made sure to highlight the edges of the ring to get a good finish on those edges. 

Once the ring was done we turned on the UV light and the neon fluorescent from the ring reminded me of Tron with how perfect the glowing ring was. It honestly looks really great and when it's on your finger I think it looks even cooler by the way it surrounds your entire finger and is just wrapped in glow. 

I had so much fun making this ring  I also want to give a special thanks to Tyler for coming up in making this ring with me and sharing some of his secrets his design and all of that it's just so much fun to work together  I hope you have fun making these rings yourself if your doing so. If you're a ring maker and you haven't joined our Facebook group I would really recommend you do so. It's a lot of fun as everyone just posts the projects they work on. I love seeing the subscription box rings every month and we get so many different ideas that people do. Everyone uses a lot of different techniques, so we are able to do really unique and fun stuff. I think it's a great community to be a part of, so be sure to join if you haven’t.

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