Making a Diamond Resin Ring (Solid Diamond Ring)

We did something crazy! We took cubic zirconia diamonds and we cast them into a ring. This is how we did it. First, I made a template ring out of brass and then I made a mold out of that using this two-part mold mix.  Next, I mixed the resin and all of our cubic zirconia diamonds to make an amazing ring. 

The reason for the first step of making the brass ring is that it’ll have something to make a mold from. And the reason we need to do this is because the diamonds, obviously, they're so hard that we can't machine them from a solid resin rod as I'd normally make so I made this brass template ring which we added a protruding edge to the side of it; that way the mold will end up having a little built-in pour spout for the resin to flow into.

After I did that, I trimmed down the outer diameter, beveled the outer diameter, and then beveled the inner diameters. Next, I used my Patrick Adair supply as a ring mandrel, tightened it down in there, threw the ring on, tightened it in place, and then it was good to go.

Now, if you're wondering why I'm bothering to sand and polish the brass template ring when we just need it for the mold, it's because the silicone is actually so effective at capturing details that it will even match the surface finish that we have on the brass. So that means if all goes well I won't even need to polish the diamond and resin rings that we make in the mold. So I spend time to sand and polish this one it should save me a lot of time for all the future rings I make with the mold.

 After we got all the diamonds in place, we were ready to break out some resin and get mixing. I used a new type of resin called Astrotech. This is a new company that I'm starting and it's an epoxy redeveloped to be jewelry grade so I'll give you guys more details about that in the future. Right now it's not a hundred percent ready to go so I'm not going to go into too much detail but stay tuned. I'm excited to share it with you guys.

This was a really fun ring to make. It was just so experimental, just trying all sorts of new stuff and I've had this idea in my head for just a very long time. It's great to finally get it out and one of the coolest things was honestly there was so much that could have gone wrong with this and to be honest, like literally, everything went to plan. So the rings, they came out perfect, they're wonderful, they're great, and you can see below that I did a couple of other color variations just to give you guys an idea of what's possible here. I  liked the results of that. It helps make the diamonds stand out a little bit extra and then black is just a more toned-down version of that same thing. It just kind of helps those diamonds pop. I think, though, my absolute favorite is just the clear one. It's just a super clean, super-pure look and those diamonds they just sparkle so incredibly well and they just give off that rainbow effect. I just love it.  

This was definitely a memorable project. If you guys have any feedback at all, I'd love to hear it whether it's just trying a different color in the resin or if it's doing something completely different but we still use the silicone mold. But if this reminded you of any cool ideas let me know! I love reading them in the comments. But anyways guys that's gonna be it for this blog. Thanks for reading!

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