Making a Carbon Fiber Meteorite Glowstone Ring

The process for making these rings start with cutting carbon fiber blanks with a drill press. Since carbon fiber is really strong, it will mean the final ring will be sturdy and will last a long time.

Abrasives are used to cut the carbon fiber because it is the best way to cut it without tearing the individual fibers out. Abrasive diamond plated hole saws are used and will last a while when used on carbon fiber.

Drill vacuums are used to suck up the leftover dust since it is harmful to breathe.  The craftsman always wears respirators as well while shaping the carbon fiber ring.

A Dremel is then used to sand off the rough areas. It is then mounted down securely on an expanding ring mandrel and then the shaping process begins with a lathe bit. The blank ring is shaped so that it can be joined with its other half. This leaves a channel down the middle where an inlay can be added later.

Calipers are used to make sure the dimensions are correct.  The layer of carbon fiber that is going to be underneath the inlay of the ring will be around one to one and a half millimeters thick which adds about two to three millimeters to the diameter.

The blanks are then measured to ensure that they match nicely. Stainless steel accents are needed for the ring, so they are cut out with metal cutting hole saws. After some hand sanding, the accents are glued in place.

The two halves are then aligned and joined together. This is the most important step because if they do not align with one another, the ring-maker will have to start again from scratch.

From this point, meteorite fragments are added. This part is tough because they need to be added in a way that looks natural but still looks good, so they have to look somewhat random. Glow powder will then be added to fill in the rest of the space.

Once everything is in place, the ring is shaped, sanded and then polished. Once it is finished, you can actually see the ring glow in dark settings. Red glow is not used that often since it is dim, but it looks amazing when finished. The entire process for the maker is around 10 hours from start to finish. 

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