How to Get Your Glow Ring to Glow

The most common question people ask about our Glowstone rings is whether or not they are Radioactive Oreos. As awesome as that sounds, that is not the case. Our Glow rings do not contain any radioactive elements and do not taste as delicious as an Oreo. The next most common question asked is how they glow. I wish I could say they glow magically on their own, but it really is just a simple science.

Each Glowstone Ring here at Patrick Adair Designs incorporates a material known as strontium aluminate. Strontium aluminate is a chemical compound (completely harmless, odorless, and non-flammable) that causes the ring to glow when exposed to a UV light source. This compound has a lifespan of around twenty years!

In order to get a strong and long-lasting glow, we do recommend you use a high-powered UV flashlight or a UV key-chain light. Natural sunlight will also charge the ring, but you will see a much more noticeable glow if you shine a UV light on your ring.

The brightness and longevity of the glow will also depend on these factors:

  • Glow Color: Green and Aqua are the brightest color options (and most popular) on our website whereas Red is the dimmest option (and least popular).
  • Daytime Color: Darker daytime colors will dilute the brightness of the glow.  

*To get the brightest glow, we recommend choosing a Green or Aqua Glow Color, charging your ring with a UV flashlight, and taking your ring in to the dark. The most optimal combination of colors + charge will yield up to 10-15 minutes of residual glow.



  • Kyle T Rivers

    What ring do you guys recommend for the best glow??

  • Rihan Yousaf

    Using a blue and green glow powders on blue and green day time colour is recommended.
    Will the blue and green day time colour dilute the brightness of the glow.

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