Holiday Sale

by Lewis Fausett on November 30, 2017

The biggest sale day of the year--Black Friday--is now over, but fear not because at Patrick Adair Designs we strive to provide lovely deals year round. In the holiday spirit, we want to give all of our loyal customers a gift whether they are shopping for a wedding band, anniversary present, or even just a Christmas present for a loved one. Through Christmas, we are going to be giving customers 25% off with each purchase also getting a free Carbon Fiber Ring. Just use code PADHoliday.

Side Cut Carbon Fiber Rings:

Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

These carbon fiber side cut rings are being given away with each order that uses the code PADHoliday. These rings are made by cutting a cross-section out of luxury-grade woven carbon fiber. The pattern on the side is a cross-section of the woven layers of carbon fiber.

I also want to take this time to remind everyone that all of our rings are handmade in America, and not only that, they are all made to order. This means that your ring could take around 6 weeks to ship. If this is an issue with a time-sensitive event, feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or through email (linked below), but we promise the quality is worth the wait. All three platforms listed below will provide rapid response times for issues and concerns. 

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Lewis's Instagram: 

by Valemar on May 01, 2018

I want a ring and it is going to glow green and black.

by Naciye on April 27, 2018

hello my brother I like your rings very much but no money, so sorry can you give me a cheap ring?

by Mohamed on April 27, 2018

I really love your RINGS so much

by Logan Stokes on April 20, 2018

Hey I was wondering why the rings were so pricy. Could you tell me what you put into those rings that cost so much?

by Chad Feyrer on April 08, 2018

Absolutely superb skill and craftsmanship, Patrick! I just watched your acid-etched ring video on YouTube, and wanted to applaud you. Thank you, sir!

by Hamish h on February 04, 2018

Why are you ignoring all my emails to sales support? Are you just going to steal my money? 1* on trust pilot. Very frustrating:

by Alasdair G on January 15, 2018

Absolutely in love with the designs! I’ve sent an email in about how to size the ring, just waiting for a reply now and i will order my first ring! :D So excited to finally get one. Hopefully importing charges aren’t extortionate! :D Keep up the vidoes, theyre by far my favourite part of all this.

by vladimir on January 13, 2018

I got the titaniumglowstone ring and stainless steel glowstone with inscription in the ring before the holiday and just if they are being and hope to see it. It was for my mom and sister. Hope to get it soon

by Sonny on January 12, 2018

Hi, I’m leaving a comment here because I cant get your to reply to a simple status email. I’ve emailed your account 3 times already with out a reply. Actually, I did originally get a reply from a person name Rose who requested my Order number. I provided that on 12/27th. it is now 1/12/2018. My original request was for the carbon fiber ring give away but it’s really beyond that at this point and I just want a general status on when I can/should get my ring. If your support staff cant even do a simple follow up , then I’m going to have to request a refund.

by Kris Lovvorn on December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! I’m a firefighter stuck at work today been watching your videos. You do great work. Love the video work as well.

by Amos on December 25, 2017

The Blackout Ring looks so dope! I’d love to buy one, but I can’t afford that at the moment :’)
Keep up the great work!

by Gabriel on December 24, 2017

I want a glowing deep space ring

by Christian Dayton on December 22, 2017

I’m a real big fan of rings I was thinking could you make a black ring with a thin deep red line going around it?

by Christian Dayton on December 22, 2017

I’m a real big fan of rings I was thinking could you make a black ring with a thin deep red line going around it?

by Mason on December 19, 2017

I really like your rings. All of them! The Timascus ring is my favorite by far. As soon as I can afford one I hope I can get it. All of your work is outstanding and I enjoy the videos you upload as well. Please keep it up. -Mason

by Denis S. on December 19, 2017

Sup, where do I put the PADHolyday code for the carbon fiber ring? Also I love your store and rings, I’d like to buy a glowstone one for Christmas, but I don’ t know how to choose the size, could ypu help me?

by Justin Diener on December 19, 2017

Hi, Justin from South Africa here. Never been super into rings (even jewelry for that matter), but after stumbling upon your youtube channel i am sold. Love the unique hand made designs. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards

by Jayden swart on December 19, 2017

Hey Patrick, I really love your channel on YouTube,I also like all your rings but I can’t afford them at all since I am 14. But I really want a ring for my dad, this was his request:deep space glow stone

by Wim Ruitenberg on December 19, 2017

I dont wanna get married, but if u do one day. I will buy her a ring right here buddy.

Keep up your awesome work!

by Ramon Bernal on December 18, 2017

I love your video but can’t afford it right now. I was wondering if you where going to make some men wedding rings in your next video?

by James on December 18, 2017

I have been watching or ring vid for a good while

by Anuj Kumar on December 18, 2017

Hey Patrick Love from India I am Anuj I really cant afford your products but I really love them if you can send me some it will be my greatest presents till date. Love from India
My Email;-

by michael on December 17, 2017

Man under 300 for quality ill be ordering my girl a purple glow stone after xmas pad remember me i WILL be placing an order

by Robin Campbell on December 17, 2017

Ouch! Ordered a custom Glowstone for my wife’s Christmas present and am totally underwhelmed by the appearance. Unlike the examples pictured here, the number and size of inclusions were quite small and made little impression in the overall design. Sort of like a beautiful diamond ring setting without the diamond. Will probably have to find a different present to give.

by Steven on December 17, 2017

Oh lord, you’re rings are beautiful. I want to get one bad, but im gonna have to wait till after i get married for one. That’s the life of one in the us navy in japan though, tickets just to go home are ridiculous. You keep making awesome work man and ill definitely be back to get one.

by Nazish Fraz on December 16, 2017

Seriously your design are outstanding. I really want to buy one, but right now I cant.
but i really impressed with your youtube channel.

by michael on December 16, 2017

Man under 300 for quality ill be ordering my girl a purple glow stone after xmas pad remember me i WILL be placing an order

by Julio on December 15, 2017

I saw your videos on YouTube and I was amazed. Saw the link to the website and then the prices for the rings. but Even if I don’t win one I will start saving up to buy one.

by Kenny rodriguez on December 15, 2017

Saw your channel on youtube you do amazing work I like the glow in the dark ring it would be so cool to see how you make a masculine one info could afford your prices I would buy your product

by Frank on December 15, 2017

I love your channel and rings but I just can’t afford them.

by Conrad from Netherlands. on December 15, 2017

Woah you guy’s are awesome!
Nice work!
I Love your channel.
Greeatings from Netherlands.

by Lucas on December 15, 2017

Can you make please a cheaper ring but to look Nice because I don’t have that much money

by Justin on December 14, 2017

Can you plz make a cheaper ring for people who don’t have enough money.

by Andrew on December 14, 2017

looks good dude :D

by Jesse on December 14, 2017

Love the rings and want one for my mom

by Kian on December 14, 2017

This is really cool and I visit ur youtube channel and it is super cool

by Arham on December 13, 2017

The way you make the rings is so fascinating with all those elements like Carbon Fire or the Superconductor (Titanium), but then the final and end product of the rings are 1000 times better, my favorite ones are the glow in the dark rings and the Superconductor rings they look AMAZING!!
P.S Keep the awesome rings coming

by lola on December 13, 2017

these rings are awesome and its cool the way you make them

by Jimmy on December 13, 2017

I live your rings. This rings like a dream.

by Austin on December 12, 2017

Hey great work all in all man! If I had the money I’d get one for my dad for Christmas. He had his class ring but managed to lose it. I entered the giveaway so fingers crossed. Thanks again dude!

by Kyle on December 12, 2017

I love the superconductor obsidian ring, but it’s way out of my price range. Anyway you could produce something with a similar look, but out of cheaper materials? I think if you did a $100 to $200 and a $400 to $500 ring they would both be very popular. Either way I think you are in to something major here. Great work! Keep up the videos.

by Filip on December 12, 2017

Just enjoy life and in things that make u happy :D

by Sean on December 11, 2017

I really like your rings they look nice i wish i can get in the future

by Jobdaa on December 11, 2017

hlo sir i really like your rings

by lucas kellor on December 11, 2017

hey my names Lucas and your carbon fiber ring look awesome and im looking to buy some

by rajat on December 11, 2017

I really cannot afford those rings..but your rings won my heart…i hope i could buy that obsidian superconductor ring..but it is out of my range…but i will buy that someday…good work..all the best and gud luck

by Zachary on December 10, 2017

I am a little broke at the moment and really want to get my dad something for Christmas so I have to pray that I get this ring for him.

by marcus e-hendry on December 10, 2017

I enter the giveaway this my first time entering I wish I could win not just for me but to give to my grandma

by John H on December 10, 2017

Probably the best place to go for an anniversary gift, btw watched a few of your YouTube videos, keep up the awesome work

by Ismael on December 10, 2017

hey G i Am fairly Young but I’ve been looking at your rings and you got me completely astonished on them and I’m broke so I know I can’t afford it but just seeing them is really dope

by mohamed on December 10, 2017

i heard from a friend about this site as he brought one and it look amazing i was looking for one but at the moment to broke lol great work btw they look so cool!! . True crafting keep it up dude!!

by Josh on December 10, 2017

I wish I could make those rings, I’ll just have to hope for a free one.

by Sean on December 10, 2017

Hey man, love the rings. Super cool never seen anything like it before.. I have watched your youtube videos.. very fascinating.
I have entered the giveaway – praying lol
I want to buy a ring for sure, just need to save up for one, one day.
Stay awesome!

by Billy on December 10, 2017

I love your rings my dude … seen how you craft them and there real cool, I entered for the free ring so fingers cross , keep up the amazing craftsmanship

by Ku on December 10, 2017

Hey.. just watched your vids on Youtube..Awesome rings.. Maybe I might get one in the future.. Exchange rates is just too high… btw, I’m from Malaysia.. Anyway… Awesome job.. numerating the rings is a good idea by does gives the sense of pride for the maker and new owner… tc

by Josh on December 10, 2017

Love the creative work you do. Haven’t bought a ring yet, but plan to do so in the future. I can’t wait to see what more you have in store. Keep it up!!!

by Anton on December 10, 2017

You should numerate rings of the same design just like pasportizing it

by Emirkan on December 10, 2017

i love the rings your making there so nice to look at, can’t wait to see wat come up with next

by Jun Yu on December 10, 2017

That was awesome!!!

by Addorzh on December 10, 2017

Love the rings. They look great?

by Brittney on December 10, 2017

I can appreciate true art and these rings are amazingly spectacular and unique. As an artist, I’m always looking for a different and colorful ring to put on my tiny fingers. These are rings I could proudly wear and feel just as colorful wearing it. I’ll definitely be stalking your website<3

by Dakota on December 09, 2017

Hey you make great rings, but do u plan on making any type of wedding ring for men.

by Tareq on December 09, 2017

You are really talented and make wonderful worthy rings, I loved them, and I will make sure to buy one, wish you all the luck

by Trevor on December 09, 2017

Love the rings. Especially the tungsten. When i get enough money i will be buying one.

by im on December 09, 2017


by Masadul Mondal on December 09, 2017

I am from India… I want to buy a ring but how would i get the ring in India? Do you deliver in India too???

by Silber John on December 09, 2017

Your a very talented dude, impressive work that you do, i will recommend your rings to everybody i know,
keep up the great work.

by Vishank on December 09, 2017


by Ben on December 08, 2017

BeWare… I ordered a ring 3 weeks ago and was charged and never received a confirmation email nor ring, and now nobody will answer my emails and there’s no phone number to call.

by Jack on December 08, 2017

I love your work

by Emilio Arias on December 08, 2017

These are really nice. I recommend you start doing like $100-150 rings, for people on a budget. I’m sure that would increase your sales and recommendations.

by Robin Groot on December 08, 2017

All these rings you make are so cool i watch alot of your videos

by josiah on December 08, 2017

im also wonderin how much would it cost for a dimond crystilised space ring

by josiah on December 08, 2017

hey im wondering if you could ship me the ring if i win and my adress is 887profile rd nh

by Felipe Nogueira on December 07, 2017

Você trabalha com materiais tipo ouro, ouro branco ou platina? Obrigado!

by austin on December 07, 2017

if you cold make me the green lantern ring how much would it cost

by Matheus on December 07, 2017

Good sir, i’m in love with all of them and i have a serious question for you. Do ship them to brazil?

by Liam on December 06, 2017

Can you create a carbon forged ring?

by Kelly on December 06, 2017

Hi Patrick,
My son LOVES your work. He showed me your website. He is a senior who has done all of his work at home since 4th grade and managed to keep an A average throughout every year! I am chronically ill and he has helped me with all that has to be done. I recently broke my hip, knee, tibia and fibula, taking my dog out… So he has had a lot more to do. He does everything without a complaint, ever!! I am so proud of him and am saving up to get him one of your rings for his graduation gift. I hope it works out!! I know he would love it!! I’ve always wanted to get him a piece of jewelry, but he never wanted to wear any. Yours is the first piece of jewelry that he said he would like to wear. Your rings are awesome and unique!! I can’t wait to see it on his hand!! You make young people, that are creative, want to bring out the best in themselves! Thank you for showing how you make your beautiful rings!

by Kyle on December 06, 2017

These rings you make are mind blowing… I will be ordering this for my wedding band… I’m seriously impressed.

by jacket on December 06, 2017

That meteorite ring looks soo sick, but i’d have to work for 5 months without spending anything to afford it. Besides that, do you ship to Europe (specifically to the Netherlands)?

by sikai on December 06, 2017

I am a huge fan and love your youtube channel

by Justin on December 05, 2017

Why do you have to make all of your rings so expensive Bec what if someone wants a ring but they can’t afford it. I’m not trying to be mean but just saying.

by Erika Oesterreich on December 05, 2017

Boyfriend really likes the rings you make.

by Garrett on December 05, 2017

Nice your rings light up the sky! Keep on making stars.

by Tae on December 05, 2017

Any tips for an beginner

by Dustin on December 05, 2017

Your videos and channel popped up in my recommendations. I’m a fan now!

by Jasper on December 05, 2017

love your style of art. great work.

by Steven on December 04, 2017

Always impressive and always high qaulity rings, great work!

by Peter D. on December 04, 2017

Hello guys,

Your rings designs look great, wondering if you make shipments across the ocean to Europe?



by Andrew on December 04, 2017

I found you on a youtube video can you tell me what type of equipment you use and how long it takes to make most of your rings?

by Matt on December 04, 2017

Every now and than you get a recommendation video on youtube that is so awesome!
For example this one about art in paintings and writings, now i have found yours.
Another, truly beautiful art style in the way of handcraft.
Thanks youtube :D

by Michael on December 04, 2017

Just stumbled upon your superconductor video on YouTube. Hypnotic. But then I discovered you make meteorite rings! Boy, I wish I was rich. If I ever get myself to a financial situation where that’s in my budget, it might actually be the first ring I’ll ever buy. Fingers crossed on your holiday lottery as well.

by Caroline on December 04, 2017

Just stumbled on to one of your videos and youtube channel. Your work is amazing, I love how original it is and I haven’t seen anything like it. Keep it up!

by Jon dalrymple on December 03, 2017

Down in slumps due to bad occurrences recently. Had to use the money for a ring on rent. It would be awesome if I could win one of those awesome and free holiday rings. Watching your videos right now, just amazing. Mind blown, as an artist I appreciate all the work you have to go through to achieve such a great piece of art and from great hands so talented.

by Maarten on December 03, 2017

Wow, i just found a video of you making the Obsidian superconducter ring.
i just wish u had a store somewhere around in the netherlands so i could hold and see these pieces of art.
what a nice work.

by liam on December 02, 2017

i love how you do rings me personally i love rings i made one with me dad so i really think the way you do it is awesome i only wear one ring but i’m looking to add to the collection

by Vachan on December 02, 2017

I really really want my first ring to be this one

by alfie on December 02, 2017

Love your ideas of all the rings, the Glowstone ones are a brilliant idea. Hope i get the giveaway and keep up the great work you are doing and look forward to seeing more videos of new rings! :)

by Dylan on December 01, 2017

Liked all of your vids and suscribe you and i hope you give it to me pls!!!!


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