Handcrafting a Meteorite Ring from Start to Finish

Every Meteorite Ring from Patrick Adair Designs is machined out of Muonionalusta Meteorite. The first piece of Muonionalusta was first documented in 1906 and found between Sweden and Finland. Muonionalusta is the oldest known meteorite, dating back to 4.5+ billion years ago. Here at the PAD, each Meteorite Ring starts out as a solid Muonionalusta slab as depicted below:
Meteorite is an extremely difficult material to machine and work with. These slabs are taken to a local WaterJet company to cut into usable ring blanks. Unfortunately, not every circular blank is usable due to existing cracks in the slabs. 
After extracting the blanks from the slabs, a highly trained craftsman carefully machines the blank to the customer's specific dimensions. After the ring has been machined to size, it is acid-etched to show its beautiful Widmanstatten patterns. We allow for quite a few customization options such as width, profile, and liner material. We recommend adding a liner to your ring to really compliment it. The liner will not only help stabilize the ring, but it will also make for a more comfortable wear. Check out the YouTube video below to see how I made a Meteorite Ring with a Carbon Fiber Liner. 

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