Glowstone Ring Band Material Comparison

Greetings! Long time no see! ( by see I mean you reading these blog posts because there haven't been any) Today we are talking about ring materials. As you might know here on the website, our rings are made of a variety of different materials. The most common ring materials that we have are titanium, black ceramic, tungsten, and cobalt chromium. We also have rings made of superconductor, meteorite, and carbon fiber. For the sake of simplicity, we are only going to cover the 4 most common ones that we offer. Maybe in the future, there will be a blog post dedicated to the other special materials that we have.

To start off, we have Titanium. Titaniums is one of the most versatile metal in the world. TItanium is extremely strong actually, its the strongest pure metal in the world. It has a high strength-to-ratio which means that it is strong despite being light. Titanium is just as strong as some steels but is also 45% lighter. Titanium is frequently combined with other metals to make titanium alloys which essentially is like a Dragonball fusion of metal. Titanium alloys are extremely strong and even used in Aerospace engineering. Titanium is also non-corrosive. This property makes it perfect for surgical implants. The titanium in our rings is that very same titanium. Our rings are extremely lightweight. However, it is not recommended that you use our rings for surgical implants or jet components. (side note, Strong does not mean hard. Titanium is ranked pretty low on Mohs hardness meaning it scratches pretty easily).

Moving right along we come to tungsten carbide, the most baller metal. (“It’s what Statham wore in the Transporter movies.”) I think Tungsten is one of my favorite metal and not just because Schmidt,  from New Girl, likes it. I like this metal because it is darn near indestructible. Here’s the rundown about what I think is the most baller metal. It is stronger than titanium: almost twice as strong. However, it is brittle when it comes to impact, and it is also a lot heavier than titanium. Personally, I like the feel and heft that tungsten offers. It very rarely gets scratched in the shop and when it does we have to use diamonds to polish it. That’s right, diamonds because that’s the only thing that’s harder and stronger than tungsten. Worthy for Jason Statham that’s for sure.

Rolling in no particular order, we have cobalt chrome. A new addition to our shop which is currently only available in the stardust ring. cobalt chrome is a combination of chrome and cobalt. Chromium is added to chrome to give it that distinct shine and to make it more resilient to scratches. Despite the predictions of SpongeBob, the future will probably not be covered in chrome but it might be covered in cobalt chrome. Okay maybe not covered, but I can see cobalt chrome being used a lot more in the future. Cobalt Chrome is stronger than titanium. It can still be used in the same ways as titanium, so you know just your normal surgical implants and engine stuff, no biggie. Cobalt Chrome is strong but can still be scratched, but because it is a softer metal, it is a little more malleable than tungsten and will not shatter.

Last but definitely not least (cliche I know), we have black ceramic. Can I just say that black ceramic is the dreamiest of all of them? I mean, I like all of them equally, but black ceramic really just hits the spot. Its smooth, dark, polished, and so so shiny, but I digress. Black Ceramic is a tough material. It is similar to Tungsten in terms of hardness and durability but is less brittle than tungsten. Titanius is overall weaker than tungsten despite the fact it's less brittle. (Also fun fact: it still would take quite a bit of force to crack open one of these cold ones, so say sorry to the bois for me)  

The materials that are offered here are super cool. They each have great properties that are extremely unique and hard to find. Each of the ring materials is very resistant to corrosion.  It’s also cool to know more about the rings materials. I mean, it's kinda cool to say that your ring is made up of the same material as your grandma's hip replacement or rocket ships. Right?



  • Ray

    I have a Rado watch with a ceramic band. I’m glad to find a ring that will match it (I currently have a tungsten ring that goes nicely with my Movado).

  • Junaedy Tjitajaya

    The Raw Earth Tungsten ring it’s really sick look, I would like to have to have a pairs of those for me and my wife if I win your 7 days giveaway

  • Tracy Keppel

    Hi Patrick, I just watched one of your shows. Your work is amazing! I have never seen rings made this way. The materials you use are fabulous. You are a true artist!

  • lisa christmas

    I was wondering if your tungsten rings have cobalt or nickel binders? Also is there any way you can special order a ring to have the December birthstone (topaz or zircon) added to one of the glow rings? Thank you. You’re rings are amazing!!

  • Mauro Apolinario

    Gostaria de comprar produtos para fabricação de alianças e anéis

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