Deep Space Black Ceramic Ring

by Lewis Fausett on August 04, 2017

Our special product this week is one of my favorite products. This week’s video highlights our cosmic themed black ceramic glowstone ring. While this ring is possible to make in the store through the normal black ceramic glowstone ring page, most of our customers are not aware of this stunning combination. Hoping to remedy this we have made our Deep Space ring available as a special edition ring for $280 which is $40 dollars less than the standard black ceramic ring.

The Deep Space black ceramic ring starts as a ring blank just like any other of our standard glowstone rings. The difference is the work that goes into the inlay. Malachite and amethyst are placed in the blank to give the ring the depth that only gemstones can provide. These particular gemstones are used because of the amazing way they complement the special glowstone blend used in the inlay. The inlay for this ring combines 4 colors of glowstone carefully applied by hand to get a stunning mixture reminiscent of artists renditions of the cosmos. The malachite and amethyst provide an amazing accent that helps further this goal.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these limited time special edition rings, please follow the link below:

by Wyatt on May 09, 2019

I love you rings and this one is my favorite. If you could make the rings or this one in particular a little cheaper I would love it. I don’t have a lot of money and this is definitely your coolest ring.

by Hannah on January 18, 2018

You have beautiful rings. The glowstones are cool. I was searching for ceramic rings and I found them for $140 on Why such a big difference in price?

by Jaden on December 30, 2017

It so cool what is Soo bad

by Boris on December 25, 2017

And sorry for the “u” i was typing too fast i meant “you”

by Boris on December 25, 2017

U make very nice rings and u work hard that i see , but there is a slight problem . I cant manage to find a way to pay in euro’s on you’re site i dont know if its just me or u didnt add a way to pay in euro’s . Anyways i’d like some help in this matter because i really like ur rings.

by OCCULTUM MAGICA DESIGNS​ on November 25, 2017

I love them! They are so colorful and playful.A such a beautiful place. Will be visiting September 2017. Cannot wait to smell the lemons see the flowers and shop shop shop till I drop.Thank you for your fantastic article
I have been a ritual magician for over 30 years. I have gotten to the point where all I do is protective magic. Each piece is charged with magical protective powers.

by James Armstrong on October 20, 2017

I would also love to give making one of these a shot. I couldn’t find where you are selling ring blanks (if you still are).

by Dylan Turner on October 05, 2017

Where can I get a ring blanks give looked everywhere for them and cannot find them

by Dylan Turner on October 05, 2017

Where can I get a ring blanks give looked everywhere for them and cannot find them


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