Aurora Carbon Fiber Glow Ring with Tyler Wright

Aurora Carbon Fiber Glow Ring with Tyler Wright

I was working with Tyler Wright today from Carbon Fi. Tyler is a carbon fiber designer and he designed this carbon fiber ring to have a certain appearance and glow to it. Tyler has been developing this ring for over 5 years and has succeeded at making the worlds brightest glowing carbon fiber ring.

The goal for this ring was to make a carbon fiber ring that looks like a normal carbon fiber ring in the day but really glows at night. Instead of laminated things together, he actually infused the glow right into the carbon fiber itself. This makes the ring stronger and more durable than other carbon fiber glow rings out there. In the third version of this ring, Tyler has made the glowing strip wider and brighter.

Because Tyler has been working on this ring for so long, he has found the perfect sizes of diamond hole saws, which allows him to cut the perfect shape for the size of ring he needs. This also eliminated a lot of time and doesn't require him to use a lathe bit to trim down the ring.

Once the blank was roughed out, Tyler just needed to sand down the ring and use a two-step polish to polish the ring to perfection. After he had done this to both the inside and outside of the ring, the ring was complete.


These rings look really amazing and are a very unique design and material, and are a project I really enjoyed working on.

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  • Denny Christensen

    Because of your great work and technology today I am becoming a better jeweler every day. Keep on keeping on P-!

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